Monday, February 26, 2018

Seeking Sister Wife: A Lot Has Changed Since Episode One!

I caught up on Seeking Sister Wife, and wow, a lot has changed since episode one.

First and foremost, I went from being a fan of the Snowdens to not being so sure. Did you know Ashley and Dimitri aren't actually married so all wives can have equal footing? And how about Dimitri sleeping with Joselyn on the first date? It's looking very interesting. That being said, does anyone else think maybe things aren't what they seem?

First of all, rumors are flying that Ashley and Dimitri are looking for a lover for both of them, not just Dimitri - which is totally fine - but not traditional polygamy. Second, did you know Dimitri's had legal trouble? He swindled money from a charter school.

Secondly, I'm not 100% convinced that Dimitri and Joselyn did sleep together. I feel as if this could have been manufactured for TV, the same way the Melina storyline with the Alldredges feels staged. (Which, by the way, I am loving the Alldredges - either they put on a great show or they're just awesome people who make an amazing family.)

As far as the Briney family, people seem to be pretty divided on which wife they like - or dislike - most. I want to give everyone an equal chance, but April's not coming off so great on camera. I feel like April's forgotten when it's like to have a newborn - she criticizes Angela for taking too much time with her baby son. Well, Angela admitted she does try to escape because of the tension, but babies take a lot of work! And the way April derailed Auralee's heartfelt moment on the camping trip didn't come off looking great. I do think April is being manipulative, and I wonder if this show has shown her how her actions affect others.

I feel for Melina, and I look forward to seeing where her storyline goes. I'm excited for more episodes!

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