Monday, January 29, 2018

Seeking Sister Wife: Thoughts So Far and the Person Who Drives Me Nuts!

I am truly enjoying Seeking Sister Wife so far. While it's definitely scripted in some ways (or at least predetermined), parts seem genuine, like the tension in the Briney household. And that's my favorite part, even though it's awful.

What I mean is this: April is wife number one. And unless she's an amazing on screen actress (she's an actress in the household with her manipulative behavior), that woman will not let her sister wives forget that she was there first, she's number one and nobody is coming before her.

Take this week for example. I believe Wife #2, Auralee (who I think is awesome) truly did need mattresses for her kids and April tried to find a way to get her kids new ones instead. Then she tried to convince Auralee that she was making it up, and April was trying to help. Third wife Angela backed up Auralee's story. I think Auralee has seen this behavior from April for years but kept quiet until the show because she could finally say something and people would believe her. I'm on team Auralee!

That being said, I don't want this to be completely negative because it could do be for the cameras. And I also would hate to think I'm misjudging April, and she's reading posts like these and getting upset. Hopefully we see her behavior turn around during the show and we can join Team April as well.

Oh yeah, I do like how all three Briney wives have A names, but the husband's shiny shirts are bugging me out a bit.

As far as the other two families, I like everybody so far. I think they have things worked out pretty fairly, and if they're happy, this is awesome for them. Like I always say, live your life morally and ethically, and you deserve to do what makes you happy.