Tuesday, September 12, 2017

TLC’s Behind Closed Doors: The American Family: A Review of Episode One

TLC Go lets us watch Behind Closed Doors: The American Family before it appears on television. I watched episode one and enjoyed it. The premise is that families are filmed 24 hours a day by wall mounted cameras, rather than an in-home camera crew.

Mandy and Jeff host a podcast about marriage, but their own marriage is struggling. After adopting a child, the parents of four decided Mandy would be a stay at home mom. That's been tougher than she imagined, causing her to struggle. Mandy's too tired for sex, causing Jeff to be quite unhappy. This show seems like a way for the pair to get more views for their webcast, which I'm sure it will.

Andy cheated on wife Deena, and the pair hasn't recovered from the infidelity. This incident caused Deena to shut down, creating a rift between her and her kids, as well as leaving her marriage in shambles.

Tam and Paul have a tumultuous relationship. They are both stubborn and refuse to give in to the other. Tam got super insecure when Paul was texting with an ex, due in part to her childhood insecurities - she was born with a penis, but as she matured, she grew breasts and became more female, I believe called XXY syndrome.

Is this show worth watching? Yeah, it's an interesting take on reality TV. I think it's got novelty value, because with cameras on 24/7 and without a camera person around, it's easier for the couples to show who they really are, and for TLC to get enough crazy footage to keep us tuned in.

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