Friday, September 1, 2017

Off Topic: Why I'm Moving Away From Fast Fashion, And Where I Shop Now

When I was in college and afterwards, I loved shopping at Old Navy and similar places because I could run in and walk out with some affordable, cute clothes. I would never say I was particularly trendy, but I do have a distinct style, and H&M, Forever 21 and other stores could cater to that. Now that I've gotten older (not to say I'm a dinosaur or anything, thank you very much), my focus is on longer lasting, high quality clothing...and bonus points if it's good for the world.

Seriously, though, fast fashion can create a lot of clothing waste because the products aren't necessarily high quality, causing lots of textiles to go to waste. I'd rather buy something that will last and I can truly enjoy over the long term, rather than something that will go out of style or bore me in a month or two. Below are three brands that I'm really into right now.

Pact Organic packaging
Pact Organic

My latest find is Pact Organic, which creates amazing basics that are reasonably priced. Plus, my discount code will give you 20% off. The clothes are fair trade certified, and have no toxic dyes or pesticides. This is a great place for leggings, t-shirts, underwear and socks. Everything so soft and lovely to wear. This site features clothes for men, women and kids.

Bonus points for amazing customer service. I received the wrong leggings, and a five minute call to customer service had a correct pair on its way to me. No hassle on my part whatsoever, which I truly appreciated. Plus, the person I spoke to was very cool and understanding.

I got a 50% off discount code from Facebook, so I bought a bunch of stuff, and I'm definitely going to return for more.

Effie's Heart

When it comes to high quality women's wear, I'm now obsessed with Effie's Heart:

This brand does cost a fair amount, but the fabrics are amazing and high quality. The patterns are fun and creative, and the clothes are flattering. Everything I tried on fit me perfectly. And bonus points for modesty - I like a dress that shows off my curves, but not one that makes me worry about if my butt is going to make a public appearance. I like the retro-yet-modern vibe of the clothes. If you're looking to make an understated statement (if there is such a thing) this brand is perfect for you.

I've included a photo from the company's website of the Napoli dress, one of my favorites. This dress, aside from being beautiful and available in a variety of patterns, is machine washable. This is amazing for people like me, who are way too lazy to go to the dry cleaner. It also has pockets, which is a big seller for people. For me, I like that the pockets don't add bulk around the hips, which is often a problem.

A key benefit of this brand is their size range - they don't limit fashion to those who are a size two. These clothes are made for - and look great on - a range of sizes.


This bra and underwear company's goal is to give women undergarments that fit properly. Before you choose a bra, you go through a series of questions designed to find a bra that fits you just right. You tell the site what you're wearing now, what your issues are, and some info about your shape, and it pops out your anticipated size. Not convinced? You can try on a bra before you buy it. How cool is that? It's a great way to get your fit right without going to a retail store.

While the prices of ThirdLove's products aren't low, they're reasonable. And when you buy more bras, the prices get lower. Plus, the quality is great - my friend described wearing a ThirdLove bra like not wearing a bra at all.

Want to buy one? This referral should give you $15 off your first purchase.

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