Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TLC's The Spouse House: What Is Happening?

I've been sort of watching TLC's dating experiment called The Spouse House, and I'm confused.

It's kind of entertaining, but also a little bit cruel. Why? Because you're taking clearly damaged people (some of them anyway) and putting them in a house that encourages quickie marriages. For example, Kelli Jo is used to being second best, and this house puts her in a situation where it's a given that she'll feel that way again. (Although I hope she and Jimmy make it work!) And Tom, well, he's trouble...and he's not doing anything good for Ashley Lauren.

My real question is this, though. Who are these people who despite failed marriages, incredible insecurities and whatever else, wanted to go into a closed environment and marry people they've only known for weeks? And what happened to their jobs - are they taking breaks? Leaving during the day to work? That's impossible for flight attendants so I'm not sure how these people can afford to just not work, unless TLC is paying quite well.

If you've got insider info, let me know, please.

Also - I'm totally team Yesnaya and Danny - I hope they make it work!

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