Friday, August 18, 2017

Reality From The Week - Project Runway, Undressed and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

Here's some reality snippets from the week so far.

Project Runway gave us a blast from the past, giving us twins Shawn and Claire from Twinning. They are competing as individuals, but I can't help thinking they were cast for their novelty value, like their bit of fame and the fact that they're twins. In any case, Claire did well, while Shawn found herself in the bottom three for making shiny shorts part of a red carpet look.

Project Runway also took a new turn, giving us models of all shapes and sizes. That's right - gone are the set of matching twigs with different colored hair; in are real models of differing shapes and sizes. (No hate to skinny models, but real people come in different shapes and sizes.)

Onto Undressed, MTV's new reality show where people meet up, strip down to their underwear, and follow cues on a screen, like get into bed, cuddle and kiss. The screen also provides a series of questions to discuss. I can do without this show. It was average at absolute best. Not really new or unique, just kind of tame and whatever.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team did not disappoint. The competition was tough, with KaShara wowing the judges with her solo dance, amongst some other incredible talent. Disappointingly, Dayton failed to shine, despite her legacy. It looked like the judges really struggled with cutting her from the team, but to be fair, she didn't seem to really want it that bad or be super prepared. Brianna from New Jersey, on the other hand, clearly wanted it and I hope to see her go far in the competition.

Poor Holly lost her top during her solo, but that girl handled it like a champ, covering up and sauntering off the stage with style. She said it was the most embarrassing moment of her life, but if that's the worst, the girl has had quite a charmed life!

Side note from a previous week: I wonder if Katie, the ballroom dance champion, will be back to try out again next year. She seemed a little too shocked to have not made it, although I can see why - ballroom and cheer don't necessarily correlate in the way that she expected.

On a scripted note, is anyone watching The Guestbook? I've watched three episodes so far, and episodes one and two were stronger than episode three, but I think the show has some major potential. And I love the guest stars and the premise of having a new cast every week. What are your thoughts?

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