Saturday, July 29, 2017

Random Reality From The Week

Here's some random thoughts for the week. Nothing big, but some reflections that have been on my mind.

Catfish: This week on Catfish, Robin wanted me to meet her online love Wayne, who used a fake picture because that's the kind of guy Robin liked.This episode was particularly striking for three reasons:
  • Wayne clearly used this opportunity to promote himself and his organization, as he was showing off what he has, and wore different colors of the same shirt showing his organization throughout the show.
  • He was also clearly narcissistic. If I recall properly, he said he liked talking to Robin because it was like talking to himself. (I could be remembering this wrong, so please let me know if I am.) Additionally, he acted with Robin as if they were in a relationship, yet was sleeping around - he justified it by saying he has needs. And that's fine if he wants to sleep around (and even be married for a while!) but it's not fair to string Robin along the whole time. I think he also talked about making sure Robin was who she said she was, even though he was a barrel of lies. It's like he couldn't even see what he was doing wrong.
  • Wayne was awful to Robin. He was like, I love you and I want to be with you...but we need to have another woman in the relationship. Not to worry, Robin, you'll never be alone - we'll all be in the relationship together! We can share a bed! He seemed surprised when Robin wasn't going for it. I'm glad for Robin's sake that she has more self respect than to take Wayne up on this. Don't get me wrong; I have no issue with polyamory if it's voluntary and agreed upon by all parties. But Robin was clearly seeking a monogamous relationship, and Wayne was like, you can be with me, but you have to share!

Married at First Sight: We had decision week, and all three couples decided to stay married! The producers and matchmakers must be thrilled after the disasters in previous seasons (Jamie and Doug aside!) Danielle and Cody staying together didn't surprise me, same with Ashley and Anthony. I wasn't sure about Sheila and Nate, but I'm glad they made it work. We'll see though - nothing's final until we see next week's episode. Lots of splits happen after the cameras stop rolling.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After: Someone on Facebook recently posted that Anfisa and Jorge were spotted together, which leads me to believe they're a couple, which is truly unfortunate. It's so evident how much Anfisa is purposely hurting Jorge and his family. Whether it's due to spite or just immaturity, it's awful, and almost painful to watch Jorge suffer as he does. It's just awful.

Oh, and Chantel's family visiting Pedro's in the Dominican Republic! That was a mess! Pedro's family served chicken feet, and Chantel's mom took that as an insult or as voodoo, especially since Pedro's mom and sister won't eat them. Here's the thing though - Pedro ate them and seemed completely oblivious to the issue. So whether it was malicious or not, I'm not sure, but Pedro is so trusting and clueless!

Also, Pedro's family requested that he provide them with expensive things like a laptop and television (to which he obliged, despite Chantel's frustration). This is tricky because Pedro keeps attributing it to his culture. Chantel should have been aware of this before she entered a relationship with Pedro. (It's reminiscent of the issues Melanie and Devar have faced.) Pedro truly seems to feel indebted to his family and provides for them because that's what his culture dictates. That being said, if I was Chantel, I'd be totally losing it! He's sending loads of money, bringing tons of gifts, etc., and they're living in a one bedroom apartment? American culture and Dominican culture are different - for this pair, they need to reach a middle ground.

I also watched Spouse House but I'm kind of over it, although Albert seems to really get the short end of the stick. And I tried watching First Dates, on which we watch people go on first dates, but I fell asleep, so I guess I wasn't loving that either. I kept up with Boy Band, which is enjoyable in a fluffy kind of way (I watched it when I had insomnia and wanted something that didn't require any focus). I am curious whether the final band will be successful. I am not sure who will end up in the final band, but I am pretty sure Chance Perez will be one of the members. We will see!

Any thoughts on reality TV this week?