Sunday, March 26, 2017

Do You Want to See Jon Gosselin Strip? Now You Can!

Not to be cynical, but I don't think seeing Jon Gosselin strip is something most of us have wished for. In any case, if you're into that, now's your chance.

On April 1st, 2017, Jon Gosselin will be featured with the 'Untamed Male Review' in Atlantic City, NJ. I have to wonder how this came about - did Jon seek out stripping opportunities? Is Atlantic City, which is struggling, seeking whatever celebrities they can get to draw in crowds? I really wonder how many people will attend this event, but for the sake of the venue and Jon, I hope it has a decent turnout.

Do you want to attend? Tickets can be purchased at A general admission ticket will run you $40, which is the same price as the next Saturday, making me wonder if Jon's making much a profit on this venture.

I have to give Jon credit - it takes guts to do something like this, and if the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star is doing this for fun, more power to him. Here's to hoping his kids don't hear about it though - I can imagine that they'd be less than thrilled, especially teenagers Mady and Cara!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Brother Husbands on TLC - Well, That Was Interesting!

TLC gave us a new reality special called Brother Husbands, whose title is clearly a play on Sister Wives. The premise is exactly as you'd expect - a wife with two husbands, known as brother husbands.

Here's the scenario: Amanda and Chad married young, at 18 and 21 respectively. They met a guy named Jeremy at church, who became Chad's best friend. Jeremy told Chad he's in love with Amanda, and the trio decided to be in a relationship. From the show, it seems as if Chad and Jeremy are only each intimate with Amanda, but the show certainly doesn't rule out the possibility of threesomes, as all three share a bed sometimes and the guys joined together to buy Amanda lingerie. And the guys hug...a lot. I'm totally open to the idea of all three doing their thing together, but I feel like TLC was maybe afraid to push the limits too far. This is just speculation, though.

In any case, Amanda and Chad have two boys, Atreyu and Cassian. Then when Jeremy came along, he got Amanda pregnant with triplets. TRIPLETS! Fraternal triplets. They're named Eve, Sparrow and Lilith. For part of the show, although Jeremy is presumed to be the dad, the family didn't know that Jeremy was the father, although they did get a paternity test to prove it.

At the end of the episode, the family celebrated their two year anniversary and everyone was happy. You know, the typical TLC.

Oh yeah, and if you think Amanda looks familiar, Inquisitr tells us why:

She was seen on the TBS reality competition series King of the Nerds! It is unknown if this has anything to do with her being discovered for the show Brother Husbands.

So, how was the show?

While I didn't love another TLC special, Meet the Putmans, I did like this one. There was some actual conflict amongst this family - they were REAL. They put their dirty laundry and issues on the table to show the intricacies of a family such as theirs. Sure, some things were staged or played up for the camera (such is reality TV) but their story was pretty legit, and likely not common, but common enough to help others in similar situations to come forward.

An interesting part of the show was when the three parents went to visit Atreyu's teacher (clearly staged but whatever) to talk about their lifestyle and the teacher raised some tough questions: how will this affect Atreyu? Will kids treat him differently?, but ultimately made the most important point of all: if Atreyu's needs are met, no matter what, it's all good.

I give this family a lot of credit - Amanda works while the guys are stay at home dads, each with their own struggles to find where they fit in the relationship. One thing I wonder about is how Amanda's role as a paralegal pays for their beautiful home, plus food and supplies for three adults and five kids.  Maybe I just live in an expensive area, but unless she makes major bank, I cannot figure it all out. Props to them, though!

Would I watch this if it became a series?

HECK YEAH. These people are great. The guys are super hipster looking, there's likely a lot more to their story than we saw, and Amanda was very cool with how she stepped out of her comfort zone to get into this kind of arrangement. This family is a positive example of a non-traditional family. Rock it out!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Catfish - Season 6, Episode 1, Shawny and Jack

The season six premiere of Catfish is an interesting one! We have Shawny, who once missed a call from an unknown number. She texted to ask who it was, and she got Jack. They started a texting relationship (no talking or anything), but things got tricky when Jack started only texting at strange hours and not responding for long stretches of time. Even though they both live in Rochester, NY, they've never met.

To add to this, Shawny was in a bad marriage that had just ended. Her ex had cheated on her and caused her pain in other ways as well. She'd also had a talking relationship with another guy (who was much older) at some point. In my mind, both could be suspects for a potential catfish.

Nev and Max ran Jack's pictures and didn't find a match. They did find a potential address match on the phone number and came up with a 92 year old man, Robert, and a 31 year old woman, Angel. Angel came back as a suspect because while Shawny's only dated men, she noted that she was open to anyone, and Angel had a gay pride flag in one some her photos.

Nev and Max were skeptical about Shawny, wondering if she knew her catfish and wanted to be on TV. Shawny denied it, and I believed her. Nev and Max asked if the 92 year old man could be the guy she used to talk to, but she said that that guy's name was George. When asked about Angel, she said her husband used to work at a hospital with a woman named Angel. Still, Shawny didn't think her ex was keeping her tied up from meeting someone using Angel because he wasn't interested in her to begin with.

Nev and Max tried calling Jack, whose voicemail wasn't set up. Then they tried texting him, and Jack texted back. Jack said he wanted to meet Shawny but was afraid because he hadn't been honest. He said the reason is that he's divorced. He did confirm that Shawny is the only woman in his life. He offered to meet up with them.

Shawny then dropped some interesting news - she'd been using fake photos to send to Jack. Then things went crazy. Shawny's ex-husband showed up, but it turns out Shawny was catfishing him - her name was Ebony and she lied to Nev and Max about who she was. She wanted Nev and Max to put her family back together.

Here's the truth: Ebony got a new phone and texted her ex, Brandon. Brandon asked who it was, and Ebony said she was Shawny. Brandon did give a fake name (Jack) but Nev and Max said he's justified because this random person was messaging him. Ebony said she was surprised at how Brandon could be a perfect man for Shawny but terrible to her. Brandon was asked if wanted to make the relationship work, but he gave a weird answer about how he wants to be with her but also wants to sleep around. (He didn't say it like that, exactly, but that's what he meant.) Nev and Max clarified, and Ebony confirmed that she doesn't want to sleep with others and wants the same from her husband.

Nev pulled Brandon aside and explained the catfish situation. Max pulled Ebony aside, who admitted that she's afraid to be alone and doesn't know what she wants.

The team decided to take a day apart and reconvene the next day. On the drive away, Max encouraged Ebony to love herself  more than Brandon, because he doesn't want to be with her and she's hanging onto something that isn't there.

On the next day's meetup, Brandon admitted he was upset by Ebony and wanted to say things to upset her as much as he was. Ebony admitted she was wrong and was trying to hang on to something that wasn't there. She apologized and Brandon accepted her apology. She admitted that staying together wasn't healthy for them. Brandon admitted he caused some of their problems. Ebony said they should have talked earlier and avoided all of this. Everyone hugged, even Ebony and Brandon.

Six months later, Ebony was happy. She and Brandon stayed separated, but found a way to spend time together with the kids. Brandon and the kids had a much better relationship. Ebony was happy she did the show because it allowed them to clear the air and be normal. Brandon joined them on the call and was happy as well.

In the end, it all worked out, but this was a very weird episode of Catfish!