Monday, December 12, 2016

Scipted TV Talk: The Last Man On Earth

While I normally focus on reality TV, The Last Man On Earth left me with so many questions last night that I thought it was worth discussing. If you haven't watched it, this post may contain spoilers.

The Last Man on Earth had a few key elements for last night's (12/11/16) season finale - or maybe it was mid-season finale - but either way, it's over until spring.

- Nobody was concerned about Gail being missing, in part due to their focus on Melissa's mental illness. At the end of the episode, Gail, who's still stuck in an elevator and hurt from her own accidental gunshot wound, loads her gun and shoots. We don't know if this is one final cry for help or the fatal blow, but we think it was her ending her life out of desperation. What are your thoughts on this? The show likes to keep things open ended so I think we may not have an answer for quite some time.

- Melissa, after disappearing, reappearing and standing menacingly on the edge of a roof, was locked in a room where she could be observed. While this may have been the best option, solitary confinement isn't known as the best treatment for those with mental illnesses, is it? It looks like she'll blame Todd next season for the lockup, even though he was one of the most hesitant to do that.

- Why isn't Carol looking pregnant yet? I am not good at understanding the passage of time in this show, but I feel like it's time for her to start looking the part, at least a little. Is this an indication that maybe the pregnancy isn't as viable as she thought? Is it meant to leave us questioning things? Is it just that time is moving super slowly and she wouldn't be showing yet? And what's going to happen when Erica has her baby, for that matter?

- Earlier in the season, we were left to infer that Tandy's brother Mike died and that Pat, the crazy yacht guy who tried to kill Mike, is still out there somewhere. Are we going to get any closure on these items? I think the answer may be no. This show doesn't seem to like to close open items, probably in an effort to keep us hooked. I mean, there's only so much that can be done with a show without adding extra characters, and that's more difficult in a post-apocalyptic world.

What are your thoughts? What do you think will happen when the show returns?

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