Friday, December 30, 2016

A&E Cancels KKK Reality Show, Cites Money As Reason....Not Logic

A&E was all set to air a docu-series about the KKK, then cancelled it, citing the fact that a nominal payment was made, which was against their documentary policy. It's more likely that on the heels of Leah Remini's Scientology show, the network thought this series was a good idea, but then realized they were so, so wrong.

Granted, the show was created with anti-hate groups and was meant to show the negativity of hate groups in America, but it was a risky move. Per the article linked above:

The series, produced in association with multiple civil rights groups and scheduled to debut Jan. 10, generated substantial criticism upon its announcement last week, included even calls to boycott the show.

The article also cites the fact that producers made payments to the show's participants and the network learned this through a third party. This sounds like tricky language to me - like the producers are not network employees and a third party was an intermediary (like a lawyer) who normally communicates between the two parties anyway. So, while it sounds like a crazy discovery later, it's probably status quo.

Here's my thing - networks have to take risks, especially in today's day and age, to gain and retain viewers. I get that. But this, even as an anti-KKK show, may be more than we're ready for right now. Plus, even with that being the message, from the minimal things I paid attention to, it didn't come across that way at first sight. And people make pretty quick snap judgments at first sight, which could easily create the kind of outrage that we've seen.

Would the show have had a positive, anti-hate related message? Maybe. But was the world ready for it? I think we are not. The better option is to skip this show and not give any attention to an organization that promotes negativity.

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