Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Getting Even Harder to Watch Jorge and Anfisa

Is anyone else having trouble while watching Jorge and Anfisa on 90 Day Fiance?

I mean, Nicole and Azan are frustrating (she should really be done with that relationship) but Jorge and Anfisa are infuriating. Yes, Jorge allows Anfisa to walk all over him, but she's complaining that she needs money, yet also complains that Jorge has to work. And the pinging the iPhone thing? Ridiculous. I get that Jorge wants his relationship to work, but he's not a bad guy - it might be worth finding someone who treats him at least a little bit less like garbage. (Or a lot, but let's start our standards low, here!)

I don't really know where they end up (reports have conflicted) but I hope Jorge is able to truly be happy with his decision, and if they do stay together, Anfisa gets herself together to be less awful to Jorge all the time.


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ShaSha said...

This is really sad to watch...Is Joe that hard up for a girl......And is a is using Jorge for everything he has to give. There are plenty of beautiful women in the United States. That's not even a women that's a girl looking for a green card.