Sunday, November 20, 2016

90 Day Fiance Season Finale - 11/20/16

Tonight is the 90 Day Fiance season finale, and we will finally find out what happens with Matt and Alla, Nicole and Azan and the rest of the group. Here we go!

Jorge and Anfisa kicked off the episode and they're getting married. THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED. WHAT THE (BLEEP)??? Seriously? After Anfisa's ridiculous abuse of Jorge, his decision does not seem wise, and reports I've read online make it sound like they spend a lot of time fighting. Anyway, Anfisa couldn't possibly be any less excited about the wedding, and when Jorge gleefully declared his love, she just glared. She made it clear that this is just a courthouse wedding - she wants her dream wedding later. She did say that she feels ready, which is probably the most positive thought we've heard from Anfisa all season long.

Jorge had some work stuff in the car on the way to the wedding, and of course Anfisa had a problem with that. And when Jorge said she could stay indefinitely now that they'd be married, she asked what if she didn't want to stay. Lovely.

Anfisa asked Jorge if he was 100% sure about the marriage, and he said yes, but he paused. And Anfisa found fault in the pause. Again, lovely, Anfisa. She also made it clear she expects bags and shoes, and won't take Jorge's phone off of "Find my iPhone" so she could keep pinging him.

Anfisa shed a tear at the wedding - was that actual emotion? Is there something more than what we're seeing? And wow, their kiss looked real! Did we underestimate Anfisa? Oh, never mind - she just said she doesn't care as long as Jorge makes money. Back to normal.

Matt geared up for his fourth wedding, this time to Alla. Matt fretted about whether his friend Patrick would object to the marriage. Alla's sister Iryna and her friend Julie helped her prepare. Alla was secure in this marriage despite her previous marriage and Matt's, and she said she could feel how Matt feels about her.

When asked if anyone objected to the marriage, Patrick stayed quiet. He later told the confessional that he saw emotion in Alla at the wedding, and that gave him faith that they could make the relationship work. My question is - why did they take the chance of asking for objections in the first place? Whatever, their choice! I guess it makes for good TV, in any case.

Lowo and Narkyia were up third, and Narkyia was reeling because she'd found out Lowo was chatting up his ex during the beginning of their relationship. Lowo regretted his lies (as he should) and Narkyia told us she didn't know if she could continue the relationship. In a smart move on Narkyia's end, she told Lowo she couldn't trust him and she walked away. He wanted her back, but it wasn't happening.

Narkyia sat down with her twelve year old son, Malcolm. They talked about some trivial stuff, like a place called Chicken Street, which was comprised of places to eat chicken. The topic of Lowo came up, and Narkyia said she doesn't know when he's coming. She explained that he'd lied but refused to explain it to her son. She then said she wasn't sure if he'd come at all. Her son was disappointed because he wanted someone to play sports with, etc. - he wanted a father figure. Malcolm still wanted Lowo to come, saying that some people lie to not hurt people, and Narkyia had to explain that lying is not okay. Malcolm was clearly upset, but he sweetly said that he supports his mom's decisions.

Narkyia felt stuck - she still loved Lowo, but she knew his lies were not okay.

Azan and Nicole followed. Nicole had to admit that her trip to see Azan wasn't as perfect as she'd envision it would be. Nicole hadn't told Azan that she'd need a co-sponsor to bring him to the states, so she decided to get a feel for if he was serious about the relationship. While Nicole beamed with every statement from Azan, he seemed about as interested as a child would be in steamed broccoli. (Hint: not excited.) Nicole broke the news to Azan that she didn't make enough money for his visa to be accepted. She said she'd have to get a job, show income, etc., for this to work, and it could take two years. Azan said he'd be interested in waiting the two years to be Nicole's husband. (What?) Nicole said she'd continue her quest for a co-sponsor. She was thrilled when Azan said he loved her, seemingly forgetting all of the madness of Morocco.

And that was it! The end of this season of 90 Day Fiance.

Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Getting Even Harder to Watch Jorge and Anfisa

Is anyone else having trouble while watching Jorge and Anfisa on 90 Day Fiance?

I mean, Nicole and Azan are frustrating (she should really be done with that relationship) but Jorge and Anfisa are infuriating. Yes, Jorge allows Anfisa to walk all over him, but she's complaining that she needs money, yet also complains that Jorge has to work. And the pinging the iPhone thing? Ridiculous. I get that Jorge wants his relationship to work, but he's not a bad guy - it might be worth finding someone who treats him at least a little bit less like garbage. (Or a lot, but let's start our standards low, here!)

I don't really know where they end up (reports have conflicted) but I hope Jorge is able to truly be happy with his decision, and if they do stay together, Anfisa gets herself together to be less awful to Jorge all the time.