Thursday, September 1, 2016

Toddlers and Tiaras, Season 7 Episode 2 Recap

Toddlers and Tiaras episode 2 picked up where episode 1 ended, with Selyse missing her turn on stage. Fortunately, Tonya Bailey is awesome and let Selyse go on beause it's not her fault that she had bad preparation. Unfortunately, Selyse walked right offstage in the middle of her beauty routine. Kim, Selyse's mom, blamed the lack of preparation on coach Jaimie.

Lilly was next to compete. Her stage presence was incredible! It's amazing how poised she is for such a young child. Kallyn followed, but questioned what she was doing onstage (she asked her mom "what?" and paused) but she picked back up. Jacquelynne followed. Her personality was very strong.

Outfit of choice, which featured jungle wear, was next. And wow, people went all out for this! However, Kim didn't have a song picked out for her daughter. She wanted to wing it. That's risky! Both Megan (Kallyn's mom) and Jaimie realize that Kim's blaming Jaimie for everything, but she's really unprepared. I'm not sure if there ended up being music, but judge Barbie Eason was unimpressed with Selyse's makeup, anyway.

Kallyn struggled with getting her hair and makeup done, but mom Megan did a great job keeping her in line.

Lilly was hyper before outfit of choice. She did great, despite that the wrong version of her song played. Kallyn followed and froze up on stage. Judge Chloe Brown said that could mess up her score. Jacquelynne did great, and it was refreshing to see a kid in a conservative, kid-appropriate outfit.

The Winners

If you don't get a divisional title, you've pulled a higher title.

Taking the 3 year old outfit of choice category was Isabella.
The divisional supreme queen was Selyse.

For the four year olds, outfit of choice went to Aniston.
The divisional supreme queen was Taliana.

For the fives and sixes, outfit of choice was won by Kaylee.
Jacquelynne won best dressed, as I understood it, but I guess maybe I heard wrong because her mom said she bumped for a higher title.

0-3 Mini Supreme went to Hailey.
4 - 8 Personality Supreme went to Lilly. Her mom was not thrilled.
4 - 8 Beauty Photo Supreme was awarded to Jacquelynne. Mom Sylvia was disappointed because she'd rather her daughter win for her onstage work.
Kallyn won the Face of 2016, which is highest in her age group. Lilly's mom Amber did not take this well, insisting it was a mistake.
Abby took the 9 and up Ultimate Grand Supreme.
Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme went to Landry.

Lilly cried because she wanted to win the car, and she said it's all her fault. This concerned me because she was blaming herself as if she was a failure, which was completely untrue.

Kim continued to blame Jaimie for everything, so when she ran into Cambrie, she told her she wanted to switch teams. Cambrie said they'd schedule a consultation. Jaimie and team were not amused.

It looks like we'll see this drama get heavier on next week's episode. And, on top of that, it sounds like the pageant director of next week's pageant is Jaimie's mom!

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