Thursday, August 25, 2016

Toddlers and Tiaras is Back! Recap of Season 7, Episode 1

Toddlers and Tiaras is back on TLC after its long hiatus! We were brought back in as kids get collagen sprays, hypnosis and all kinds of other crazy things.

We met Cambrie first, and she's the coach of Cambrie's Court. She's been in pageants since the age of two. She says that she's so into pageants, she can't hold a boyfriend.

Cambrie's up against Jaimie's squad, the Sassy Supremes. Jaimie, like Cambrie, says it's impossible to win pageants without a coach these days. She competed in pageants until the age of 18, at which time she began coaching. She said either she or Cambrie's girls win most titles, so the competition between the pair is fierce.

This week was Tonya Bailey's Jungle Supreme Pageant in Louisiana. It's the first pageant of the season (and there are pageants weekly), and all of the big coaching groups will be represented.

The first kid we met was in Gilbert, AZ. Her name is Kallyn, who's 4 years old. Her mom, Megan, seemed like a lot of fun - she said her little lion was going to win the jungle pageant, then burst out laughing. Although Kallyn was sick, all of the pageant fees had been paid, so they were still going. Megan says Kallyn's advantage is that she looks like the quintessential pageant queen: blond hair, big smile, etc.

Jaimie, Kallyn's coach, showed up at Megan's home. Jaimie said that she charges $55 an hour or $30 for half an hour, which is the most reasonable she knows of, but she wants everyone to have a chance. Kallyn sees Jaimie at least once, if not twice, a week for coaching. Kallyn also had extensions, tanning, and loads of costumes....leading up to the most expensive pageant Kallyn's ever been in, at $2,500.

The second child featured was Selyse, 3 years old, in Pheonix, AZ. Her mom is named Kim. They're part of Jaimie's group. Kim's income pays for pageants, and she's actually put off dental work so can pay for pageants instead. Kim said Selyse always takes home a supreme title. Kim felt unprepared with the work Jaimie has done for her, and felt like she wasn't getting enough attention.

In Benbrook, TX, we met Lilly, a 4 year old. Amber, her mom, said Lilly has won most of her thirty-five pageants. Amber designed a $1,000 dress for the upcoming pageant. Amber's husband is only home one week a month because of his job, and Amber realizes that she and her family make sacrifices so Amber can have what she needs.

Lilly's on Cambrie's team, and Cambrie noted that Lilly can be a great kid, but can also be a terror at times. Cambrie costs $175 per class. Cambrie said she charges more than Jaimie because she helps more, and that Jaimie's probably jealous of her.

Cambrie brought her team together to prepare for the jungle pageant. She likes to take around 5 to 8 girls to a pageant so they can claim all the big titles.

Finally, we met Jacquelynne, 5, and mom Sylvia. This was Cambrie's first time meeting Jacquelynne - she does her normal coaching via Skype. Though they live in Louisiana, they work with Cambrie because they say she's the best. Sylvia says they've been criticized by family and friends for their pageant participation, but people don't understand that Jacquelynne's not in pageant wear every day - this is just like dress up.

Cambrie had actress/acting coach Dallas Lovato (Demi's sister) come in to help the girls. She and Demi both started out in pageants. She had the girls become the animal characters they'd be playing in the pageant.

Cambrie had a confrontation with a girl named Jayliana and her mom, Deb, who didn't want her wearing a cheerleader bow because she's not a cheerleader. Cambrie stood firm - the girls need to match. In the end, Jayliana and her mom left.

In Tempe, AZ, Jaimie brought her team in public to perform so they could build confidence. Jaimie chose to bring two of the twenty girls she coaches to the jungle pageant, because she chooses quality over quantity. Jaimie was frustrated by Selyse's lack of practice and her mom, Kim's, defense of it.

The Pageant

We got a tough talk from Tonya Bailey, letting us know that not everyone will win, you're paying for an opinion, and a pageant win is not that serious. It bothers her when a mom wants to win more than a kid does.

Jaimie tried to prepare Selyse, who was feeling clingy towards her mom. Kim said it's because Selyse is picking up on her stress. As the three year olds got called on, Selyse was still preparing. Kim had to run her downstairs. As the episode ended, we weren't sure if Selyse would get to go on because she was late.

Now Toddlers and Tiaras stretches over more than one episode! Next time, we'll see issues with Lilly's music and all kinds of other drama. I can't wait!

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