Monday, August 22, 2016

90 Day Fiance - Season 4, Episode 1 - Season Premiere

90 Day Fiance is back! It's crazier than ever.  A couple who's never met, a woman who was catfished but wants to marry her fiance anyway, a guy who spent $70K on the woman he's seeing...this season is going to be great!

We first met Nicole and Azan. Nicole is 22, from Florida, and has a two year old daughter named May. When she turned 18, she moved to Texas to be with the guy she'd been dating. When she got pregnant, the relationship ended. Six months before the show was filmed, Azan messaged Nicole, and the rest is history. She was attracted to his body and great looks. She realized he lived in Morocco, but didn't know where it was. Nicole felt a strong connection, and they started talking about marriage three weeks in. He asked her to marry him, despite the fact that they'd never met. In order to get a K-1 visa, you have to have met your fiance, so Nicole was flying out to Morocco for five weeks, and this is the longest she'd been away from her daughter.

Nicole's family gathered before she left for Morocco. The family doesn't support her choice to visit Azan but they seemed to support her. Her father, step-mother, mother and step-father seemed to be worried about things like human trafficking, as well as Nicole's lack of knowledge about going to a primarily Muslim country.

Chantel and Pedro were next. Chantel, 25, is from Atlanta, Georgia. She's been a cheerleader since she was four, and she teaches cheerleading. She lives at home with her close-knit family. She's at community college pursuing a degree in nursing. A friend introduced her to Pedro, from the Dominican Republic, so she could learn Spanish and he could learn English. There was instant attraction, so Chantel visited him. On the third trip, he proposed. She was thrilled because Pedro treats her like a princess, which is different than the American relationships she's experienced.

Chantel's parents don't know they're engaged. She thought her parents would flip if they realized Pedro was coming on a K-1 visa

Chantel got her own place to share with Pedro. Chantel's mom was supportive but encouraged Chantel to focus on herself and her studies. Chantel's mom was happy that Pedro was just in the US to study - or so she believed. She made it clear that Pedro must start working when he's here - he better not be here to use Chantel.

Chantel dressed up and was so excited to meet Pedro at the airport. Though his plane landed, he wasn't on it - he had landed in Florida and wasn't at her airport. Chantel didn't know why he wasn't there, and she cried with disappointment. She considered that she may have created a fantasy world, rather than reality.

Jorge, 26 from Los Angeles, was next. His fiance is Anfisa. He is an entrepreneur in the medical marijuana industry. It provides him with a six figure income without a 9-5 job, and has potential to make him a millionaire if marijuana is legalized. He's had bad experiences with dating, as he thinks women are feminists, and instead wants a woman who wants to be taken care of and not compete with him. His fiance is from Russia. When she flew to Spain to study, Jorge flew out to meet her, and they'd spent about a month of face time together.

Their relationship is great, according to Jorge, but they fight a lot. Their current fight is that Anfisa wants a $10,000 purse and Jorge would prefer to save some money. However, he'd spoiled her in the past (spending $70,000 since they began dating) and continued to do so.

Jorge had secrets he was afraid to tell Anfisa, and was worried that they'll affect their relationship.

Anfisa hadn't returned Jorge's calls since the purse issue, even though he was due to fly to Russia. She then, using his Apple ID and password, erased his phone. CRAZY! She emailed him and told him to cancel his flight. And she then changed his email password. EXTRA, SUPER CRAZY. And why did she have his passwords?!? WHAT?

Jorge met with his sister, Lourdes, and niece, Cassandra, to talk about how he'd be going to Russia to get his fiance. There was concern about her photos looking fake. Jorge explained that he's head over heels for her, and the marriage has to be fast. Jorge's family saw the red flags about the purse debate mentioned above, especially because Anfisa's goal is admittedly to stay home, do housework and shop.  They supported Jorge if this is what he wanted, but warned of lessons learned.

Matt, 43, runs his family's car dealership. He's been married three times. He fell fast for people, which doesn't work well - he was cheated on in his first and third relationships. This gives him a lot of baggage and made it hard to meet people. He specifically looked in Eastern Europe for a date, and there he found Alla, 30, from Kiev. He fell for her and accepted her son Max, 7. He proposed, and Alla and Max will be moving to the states.

Matt worried about Max's reaction and how it can affect their relationship. Matt discussed Alla with his friends and family members at the car dealership. They were concerned because his life falls apart with each divorce. Patrick, one of  Matt's friends at the dealership, refused to support Matt even though the others respected his decision.

As the season progresses, it looks like Nicole will have some trouble with acceptance (Azan didn't realize she was bigger), Chantel's fantasy will break into pieces and we'll meet another couple.

That was it for episode 1 of 90 Day Fiance - I can't wait for more!

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