Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Season Finale

Teenage Newlyweds is coming to an end, and we got some interesting scenes in the season finale.

Brenda & Travis

Travis took Brenda to a pro-life rally so she could see his perspective on the topic, per their therapist's advice. On the way, he gave her a lecture on why abortions are wrong, in his opinion. He believes women that get abortions should be punished. Brenda (who I agree with) argued with him. Brenda didn't want to leave the car during the rally, and the pair felt unsafe when a random person photographed them.

 The pair next visited a Presbyterian church to hear Brenda's perspective. The pastor was pro-choice and pro-faith. She explained that she once saw a woman die of a self-inflicted abortion because abortion wasn't legal. The pastor and Brenda got along well, but Travis didn't feel heard. Travis did state his views, but the pastor was able to debate him well. Here's my take - if Travis can't handle the idea of abortion or having a kid now, perhaps the pair should not be having sex! Travis said he had trouble agreeing with Brenda's view, and she said he doesn't have to agree - what she seems to mean is, he just has to understand. And he isn't willing to do that.

Back at therapy, after some arguments, Brenda insisted that Travis can't make her have a baby, and Travis insisted that abortion is never an option. The pair still struggled with the future of their marriage if Brenda had an abortion, but Travis admitted that he would stay with Brenda no matter what.

Halie & George

Halie tearfully hugged her family goodbye after their visit and couldn't shake the sadness. The pair tried to work through everything, but it wasn't getting easier. Halie suggested her parents move to Utah, but they just laughed in response.

Halie and George went to see his grandparents, who advised them that marriages have ups and downs and require work. They were advised to remember that they're each other's soulmates.

Halie was asked to open the front door when the doorbell rang, and Halie's niece Tatum was at the door. George had secretly invited her family to visit so she knew she'd never lose them. Halie said "Oh my heck" about a thousand times.

Halie got great news - her parents said they'd consider moving near Halie & George. It wasn't just for Halie - the timing was right - so it was a great situation for everyone.

Halie and George gave us advice - don't wait to get married if you know it's right.

Emma & Joey

Emma asked Joey about going to counseling. Joey wasn't convinced about it. He later talked to his parents and got some marital advice. They told him they should go to counseling, as they'd done the same.

Joey opened up about his dad's alcoholism. When Joey was a child, his dad was in a car accident due to his dad's alcoholism. He awoke to see a family leave the car he hit, just as the car exploded. The family broke apart and Joey became the man of the house. His dad fought to put the family back together, but it wasn't easy.

Joey's parents told him he should give himself credit for being emotionally strong after his dad's accident. He had to be an adult when he was only a kid. He never showed emotion after the accident and is still stoic to this day.

Joey's mom asked Joey a tough question: is Emma worth the effort? We didn't see an answer, but it's a valid question.

Joey went home and sat with Emma. He let his emotions and vulnerability shine through, despite that he hates his vulnerability. He told her he wants to be emotional with her. He talked about his dad's accident, how everyone was emotional, so he felt he had to be the strong one. He agreed to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work, including counseling.

Here are some moments from the end of the show:

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