Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 7 - Communication Breakdown

Teenage Newlyweds is back with another episode, this time about communication.

Emma and Joey

Emma struggled with Joey's busy schedule and the fact that she has to do the chores around the house. Joey noted that he's not used to doing chores. We saw Joey playing video games while Emma did chores.

Emma spent time with her mom (which is rare) and they discussed how Emma nags at Joey a lot, although she doesn't want to. Emma grew up in a household where she had to help, and Joey was in a household where he didn't. Emma's mom suggested seeing a counselor so they could learn how to better communicate.

Emma's dad weighed in and said that Emma should tell Joey that his participation in the household chores would be an expression of love. She agreed to let her parents talk to Joey. Emma's mom talked to Joey with Emma and her dad in the room, but Joey wished Emma had talked to him first. Joey said he's not around enough to notice Emma's stress, and shot back that Emma does some chores but ignores others, and commented on the long hours she spends asleep.

When asked about counseling, Joey was against it because he thinks their marriage is solid. He doesn't see the problems Emma is facing. Emma no longer felt confident buying a house, given this discouraging conversation.

Brenda and Travis

Brenda and Travis' friends support their marriage, but Brenda feels judged by being married at her age. The pair discussed their goals before having kids with Brenda's sister. Brenda's sister thought it was important to be prepared, should a pregnancy happen, especially given their differing views on abortion.

The pair discussed seeing a counselor if their marriage is struggling, due to the need for effective communication. Brenda thinks the pair is good now, but there is potential for future issues based on their differing viewpoints.

The pair visited a therapist. Brenda worried that she'd be told the marriage wouldn't work; Travis was concerned about hearing things he didn't want to hear. The pair discussed abortion with the therapist (Brenda being pro-choice and Travis being pro-life). The therapist was surprised that the pair got together, despite fundamental differences like this one. Travis felt like their recent pregnancy scare was very serious.

The therapist talked to Brenda alone, and she said during the pregnancy scare, she was concerned about Travis not supporting her decision to get an abortion. Travis, alone with the therapist, admitted that he threatened to leave her and take the baby.

The therapist noted that the pair has communication issues, like that Brenda didn't mention when Travis made the comment about leaving. She said she's moved past it. The therapist made it clear that things like this can't just be swept under the rug. After all was said and done, the therapist said the pair is clearly in love, but they need to ensure they don't let their relationship crack. They need to address their issues sooner than later.

The pair was given the task of how to show their point of view to the other and come back with what they learn, specifically surrounding the abortion, to create empathy and find a middle ground.

Halie and George

George told the confessional that he struggles to make Halie happy. Halie was thrilled that her family was coming to visit - the whole family, including extended family.

Halie's family went to her cousin's party, and she felt great having them around. George noticed how much happier she is with her family around. George felt awful because he can't make Halie happy, and clearly, she and her family missed each other very much.

George feels like he sacrifices family time because of Halie because it hurts her, yet when her family's around they spend the whole time with them. Halie's mom commented that when they have kids, she'll be heartbroken if they live far away. George said they want to be close to both families, and they need to keep their options open. Halie's mom didn't like that. George was not happy with the whole interchange. He later told Halie that there's a time that she'd feel better not being around her family, and George admitted that he feels upset because Halie's sad about missing her family, which distances himself from his own. George was hurt feeling like Halie wants to be with her family more than him. He got really emotional about it. Halie said George is the center of her world and she cares about his happiness, but he isn't feeling it.

Next week, we'll see the abortion discussion escalate, Joey talk down about counseling and the continuing struggle between Halie and George.

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