Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 6 - Married With Friends

On this episode of Teenage Newlyweds, we see the couples interact with their friends.

Brenda & Travis

The couple struggled to buy food for Brenda's birthday party because Travis bough shoes for himself on her birthday weekend. This was a culture shock for Travis, whose parents previously took care of all of his needs.

The party went on, but because the pair couldn't afford a cake, they brought out a leftover slice of ice cream cake. It was so embarrassing for Brenda. You can see for yourself below. I don't blame her at all for being upset.

As a gift, Travis wrote Brenda more of a song he'd previously written for her.

The pair noted that they don't talk about their differences, which may end up being a big problem in their marriage.

Halie & George

Halie said yes to the Hawaii trip! If you recall, last week, she was pushing George to get a refund for the tickets.

It was totally worth it - it looks like they had a blast! Both Halie and George looked really happy.

Back home, Halie learned about her new job. Her coworker, Megan asked Halie if she missed being home, which she does. Halie said it's tough having all of her friends be George's friends, and she misses hanging out with her sisters.

Halie said she's friendly with her coworkers, but it's tough to be close to them because they're all much older.

The pair headed to George's friend's cabin in Park City, Utah. Halie was so sad because she didn't seem to fit with everyone, although it seemed like she was holding herself back.

People were sliding down stairs covered in mattresses - that looked awesome! You can see that, and Emma's pain, below.

Halie's tough time became more evident, and George's parents took notice. This seemed to make things even tougher for her. Plus, she knew that George felt somewhat responsible, even though she made a conscious effort not to blame him. As Halie talked to her parents, she got really emotional about how much she missed them. She seemed to sink more and more into depression but didn't want George to feel bad.

Emma & Joey

The pair struggled with their differing schedules and not having enough time to make everyone happy. She spent time with her friend Marrissa, who was hurt because Emma doesn't call her back. Marrissa missed the times they shared when Emma was single, and fretted over losing her becauseEmma had been there for Marrissa when she was dealing with depression. The pair made up, but it was clearly tough for Marrissa, as she felt like she lost her friend.

Emma and Joey planned to have their own girls' and guys' nights. Both Emma and Joey discussed that they've been together for four years, engaged for two, while out with their friends. Emma noted how she doesn't see her friends as much as she used to, and Joey said how he enjoys spending time with Emma, but actually sees her less now that they're married.

One of Joey's friends called him whipped, and he disagreed - he said someone who's whipped does nice things for sex; being in love means you do nice things for someone because you want to. That was actually very nice! Then Joey told his guys his wifi password - which is Joey Is Whipped. Okay then!

Next week, we'll see Halie's family visit, Emma feel like Joey's mother, and a communication breakdown between Emma and Joey. We'll also see Brenda and Travis struggle with their marriage.

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