Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sing It On - Series 2 Premiere

Sing It On Season Two Premiered on Pop today. This follows a capella perfomance groups as they fight for their spot in the ICCA finals.

We'd be getting to know the following teams, all of which were looking for new team members.

UMass' S#arp Attitude, an all girl group, was first. They were in search of singers and a beat boxer. The first thing you learn when it comes to beat boxing is called "boots and cats", and the girls were over hearing girls do that as their only beat boxing skill. One of the girls, Linnea, left the group suddenly, leaving a gap.

UMass' Hexachords were next. They're a group of six and they took on Linnea, who left S#arp Attitude. Another member was Linnea's boyfriend, Xander. All members are performance majors. They've twice made it to the semi-finals, and have to do auditions because some of their members graduated. They decided to have fun and give Linnea's car a Hexachord makeover with paint and post-its. Linnea likes that the Hexachords are more real, whereas S#arp Attitude was more bitchy (her words, not mine).

The University of Maryland's Faux Paz was next on the show. Lynique introduced us to this group, which was the first co-ed a cappella group at the university. The group is known for their big, impactful sound. Their problem was that they lost most of their female members, so they had to find new ones. They were down to seven members from last year's seventeen. Lynique was thankful for the group because they helped her through tough times. David, the president, was 'discovered' as he sang alone in his dorm room, and someone told him to try out for an a cappella group.

The group set out on a mission to find women for their group. They had people sing 'Raise Your Glass' by Pink. The team felt the girls trying out were shy and missing confidence....or talent. Then, as reality TV does, it made it seem like they found some people they liked and everything was great.

Then, we got another surprise - a guy came to try out, even though the team only wanted girls. Of course, as reality TV does, the guy, Brad, looked nervous at first, then ROCKS IT. He sang the song in the original key and everything. The group deliberated over whether they wanted this person in their group. They decided to accept him, as well as Joanie, Cat and Amrita.

University of Pennsylvania's Off The Beat was the fourth group we met. They've won twenty awards that are the equivalent of the a cappella Grammys. Jasmine's the music director of this group, which has often been branded as a rock group. She noted that while academics are important, their rehearsals are very intense. Last year, they went to the ICCA competition for the first time and came in third in the semi-finals. This year, they want more. Jasmine and group president, Rohan, have a strong rivalry but their goals help the group succeed.

The group was looking for a male soloist. Rohan was confident that he'd be great for a solo spot, but he got nervous and got lost on the words during his audition. He was up against Alex and Brian. Still, even with his flaws, Rohan was the winner to most of the group....except Jasmine, who fought against him. He was eventually awarded the spot, despite Jasmine being hesitant.

Karaoke Competition: Faux Paz vs. Off The Beat

Because Off The Beat didn't beat the Faux Paz in the past, they set up a karaoke battle. I'm sure it's actually because this is a TV show and drama has to happen, sure, let's say it was just because of last year's grudge.

While Rohan sang a Boyz II Men classic while forgetting the words, some of the guys danced be funny, I think. Jasmine was not happy when a Faux Paz guy rocked a rendition of Creep. Faux Pas sang Bye, Bye, Bye but it was noted that their choreography needed some work. Jasmine sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

The winner of the competition was Off The Beat, although it was noted that they may have had a home field advantage, as they were in their territory.

This season, we'll see lots of words morphed with the "a capella" and group names, like "a ca-gods" and some other stuff. Also, lots of drama, tears and vocal loss. This should be a fun season to watch!

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