Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - Season 5, Episode 1

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is back!


First we met Maquayla, an 18 year old Romanichal Gypsy from West Virginia. This bride to be likes to have her own money, so she works two jobs. She's a caregiver and does hair and makeup for a photographer. She's saving up for her wedding. She's marrying her childhood sweetheart, Thomas. Thomas is between jobs, so she's making the money and calling the shots.

Maquayla, in search of a unique dress, called Sondra Celli. She asked for a dress made of live yellow Gerber daisies. Unfortunately, the flowers died quickly, causing problems for Sondra and the design team. Sondra called Maquayla to let her know that the daisies wouldn't work out, but she'd make the dress amazing. Sondra went out and got other flowers, and it looked like the dress would be a success. When Maquayla saw the dress, she loved it - it really was beautiful!

Unfortunately, the flowers died in the transport to Maquayla's home and the dress was ruined. Her friend Elaina suggested they call Sondra, but Maquayla was too devastated. Fortunately, she made the call and let Sondra know, and Sondra said she'd fly out to fix the dress.

While Sondra told Makayla everything was under control with the dress, she wasn't so sure. She'd bought all the pink flowers that a flower shop had, and she only had herself and one other person to fix the dress. She was nervous.

Fortunately, this is a reality show and things always work out. The dress turned out perfectly. Maquayla was thrilled when she set her sights on it. Strangely, the groom and the groomsmen weren't wearing shirts under their vests, but nobody looks at the guys anyway, right? Although late, Maquayla was transported to her wedding in the back of a pickup truck. A wedding, mind you, which featured a pig. Okay, then!

The party was fun and Maquayla handled it well when she stepped in cow poop. Her favorite part was shoving cake in Thomas' face.

Then, Maquayla happily told Thomas that she was pregnant. Congratulations to the newly married couple!


In another unique Gyspy twist, we met 15 year old Yazzie from Colorado, who's a Hungarian gypsy. Her goal is to continue her studies and become a modern, independent Gypsy woman. Her mom, Deanna, is a more traditional Gypsy woman. Her ancestors survived the Holocaust. Deanna supports Deanna getting married and raising a nice Gypsy family, as she wants to keep the bloodline alive.

The pair was planning Yazzie's candy themed Sweet Sixteen. Mom's plan was to have Yazzie meet a nice Gypsy boy at the party so she can settle down with him. Yazzie didn't think this was fair - she didn't want to leave school, settle down or have a bunch of kids - she wanted a career.

As it turns out, Yazzie had a secret - she and Anthony, 19, a Gorger (non-Gypsy) were secretly dating. Yazzie saw the party as a way to announce their relationship. Unfortunately, Yazzie and Anthony was discovered by a member of the Gypsy community, and Deanna told Yazzie the relationship is over.

Yazzie tried to make peace with her mom. Deanna explained her family's history to Yazzie and why their culture is important, as well as why their bloodline needs to continue. This gave Yazzie an understanding of her history that she didn't previously have.

Yazzie broke up with Anthony, although it broke her heart; she said she needs to honor her Gypsy culture. Unfortunately, although she was thrilled for her Sweet Sixteen, Yazzie missed Anthony. On the plus side, her dress showed up and it was awesome. It was made out of over 3,000 individual pieces of candy. It was beautiful, colorful and age appropriate, which we don't always see with Gypsy dresses.

Yazzie's mom introduced her to some guys, and she felt pressured to choose one to marry. It was funny - the girls were all dressed up and the guys were so casual. Anthony missed Yazzie, so he showed up at the Sweet Sixteen. All dressed up, he handed her a bag and walked off. He'd handed her a wedding ring. She later returned the ring because she wanted to focus on her studies. The pair agreed to remain friends.

Yazzie told her mom she's not ready to get married at all, not to Anthony or a Gyspsy boy. Her mom understood and said she'd allow her to finish high school before pressing the marriage issue.

My Thoughts

It was nice to see a different type of episode of this show. There weren't big fights or crazy dramatic scenes. The featured girls seemed kind and respectful. While we will see major drama this season, this episode made you feel pretty good and painted a nicer picture of Gypsy families than many episodes do.

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LotsOKittyCats Lady said...

Yazzi`s mother is doing EXACTLY THE NAZIS DID TO "HER KIND" during the Second World War!!! She is discriminating against the non-gypsy man/men in favor of a gypsy man her daughter DOESN'T WANT TO MARRY! This is EXACTLY WHAT THE NAZIS DID IN ORDER TO PRESERVE ARIAN PURITY! Now, EXPLAIN TO ME how that differs?!?!?