Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Married At First Sight - Season Four Premiere

Married at First Sight is back, and I'm sure the experts are hoping this season doesn't end in divorce.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is the only returning expert, and she was joined by pastor and marriage guidance counselor Calvin Roberson and Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert.

This season takes place in Miami, Florida.

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Nick, 32, and Sonia, 33, were the first couple. Sonia, a social worker, puts others before herself was hurt by her parents' divorce. Nick manages vacation rentals. He was deeply affected by a car accident that killed a family member. He says he's missing a partner in life, which he desperately wants. They were matched because of their similar energies and ambitions.

Derek, 35, and Heather, 32, were next. Heather, a flight attendant, has a fear of rejection. She's inspired by her parents' healthy marriage. Derek, an account executive, likes to have fun. He was in the Navy, which made it difficult to find a partner. His parents divorced when he was young

Tom, 28 and Lillian, 24, were last. Lillian's a realtor who's very affectionate. Her parents separated once Lillian left the home. Tom owns an interior design company and lives a free spirited life. He loves surfing.

The participants told their families and friends that they'd be on Married at First Sight, and as expected, they were shocked.

The couples prepared for the weddings. Heather was shocked at how great her boobs looked in her dress, and her friends advised her to make sure her future husband sees her face, not her boobs, first.

The guys struggled to pick out rings for the women they'd never met. They came armed with only their ring sizes.

The couples had their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Lillian had a great setup in a party bus, then went to a martini bar. She looked so happy. Tom and his boys went out drinking.

Derek vowed not to do anything at his bachelor party that he'd be ashamed to tell his wife the next day. Still, strippers found their way onto their party bus. Derek maintained that he stayed in line and kept it PG.

Sonia went to a drag queen show. She invited her mom to the bachelorette party, and she was happy to see her because they hadn't seen each other in months. Nick went drinking with his friends.

The wedding days arrived, and everyone was understandably nervous. Lillian was hurting because her dad wasn't around to walk her down the aisle since they no longer communicate.

The guys and girls were given their gifts. Tom got Lillian a strand of pearls, which unfortunately, are bad luck in her culture.  She struggled with whether to wear the pearls or not and ultimately decided against it. Sonia was given socks that said 'cold feet' as a joke, and she loved them.

Heather struggled with her veil and considered taking it off. She was clearly agitated.

After a lot of tears, nerves and buildup, the couples prepared for the moment they'd meet their spouse. The grooms entered first, and their future spouses' families happily greeted them. At Sonia and Nick's wedding, the rain began to pour before she walked down the aisle. This made her doubt her decision.

And with that, the episode ended, leaving us wondering if Sonia would try to back out before the marriage even began. I can't wait!

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