Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dating Naked - Season 3, Episode 2

To kick off Dating Naked, David and Natalie showed their keepers their keeper rooms.

 Nadica told David to take the lead, and Natalie explained to Zakk how she was smitten with him. While Zakk and Natalie did well, Nadica turned out to be a bit more domineering than David was looking for. She kept demanding things from David, then saying the evening was unsatisfying. Nadica kept telling David to recognize that he chose the right woman. She accused him of not looking for love. It was a bit crazy. See for yourself below.

David went on his next date with a woman named Vanessa. She was clearly nervous. The pair snorkeled, despite Vanessa's fear of fish. She was terrified, but handled it like a champ. David liked helping her and being the hero. David made a crack about how Nadica needs a mental evaluation. So funny!

Natalie's next date was with a guy named Willie, a former chubby kid who's now a fitness focused adult. Natalie was attracted to him. The pair went to a dance studio. Willie danced and had fun, despite claiming he's not a dancer. When Natalie danced, Willie just watched. She did have some great moves but it must have been strange doing them while undressed!

Back at the house, Zakk sang Natalie a song he wrote. She was all kinds of into it. David straight up told Nadica he's not into her. So Nadica called game on. She clung to Willie and played the victim. She talked about wanting a guy who would do things for her (not David) and then MADE OUT WITH WILLIE. WHATTT?!?!?! Crazy. Then she said she had to leave before any more of her time is wasted. This chick is bananas. She said she wanted to leave with dignity, but walked away naked in wedge shoes.

Natalie and David talked and agreed that they have a great connection and would still choose each other as the best option.

Natalie's next date was with Tim from Las Vegas, who had orange blonde hair, and brought her flip flops. The pair built a structure out of sticks and leaves. Tim got a little weird and Natalie noticed.

David and his date Nicole played trampoline basketball in the water. They then talked about how Nicole has two kids, and David questioned whether that's something he can handle.

Zakk ratted out Willie for hooking up with Nadica and asking him for a condom. Natalie was conflicted - believe Zakk or trust Willie? She called Willie out, and he denied everything. He said Zakk was lying. So scummy, Willie! Natalie got upset and walked away to cry.

Natalie considered sending everyone home. In the end, David kept Nicole on the island, and Natalie kept Zakk. At least Willie admitted to his affair with Nadia!

And that was it for today's Dating Naked drama!

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