Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sing It On - Series 2 Premiere

Sing It On Season Two Premiered on Pop today. This follows a capella perfomance groups as they fight for their spot in the ICCA finals.

We'd be getting to know the following teams, all of which were looking for new team members.

UMass' S#arp Attitude, an all girl group, was first. They were in search of singers and a beat boxer. The first thing you learn when it comes to beat boxing is called "boots and cats", and the girls were over hearing girls do that as their only beat boxing skill. One of the girls, Linnea, left the group suddenly, leaving a gap.

UMass' Hexachords were next. They're a group of six and they took on Linnea, who left S#arp Attitude. Another member was Linnea's boyfriend, Xander. All members are performance majors. They've twice made it to the semi-finals, and have to do auditions because some of their members graduated. They decided to have fun and give Linnea's car a Hexachord makeover with paint and post-its. Linnea likes that the Hexachords are more real, whereas S#arp Attitude was more bitchy (her words, not mine).

The University of Maryland's Faux Paz was next on the show. Lynique introduced us to this group, which was the first co-ed a cappella group at the university. The group is known for their big, impactful sound. Their problem was that they lost most of their female members, so they had to find new ones. They were down to seven members from last year's seventeen. Lynique was thankful for the group because they helped her through tough times. David, the president, was 'discovered' as he sang alone in his dorm room, and someone told him to try out for an a cappella group.

The group set out on a mission to find women for their group. They had people sing 'Raise Your Glass' by Pink. The team felt the girls trying out were shy and missing confidence....or talent. Then, as reality TV does, it made it seem like they found some people they liked and everything was great.

Then, we got another surprise - a guy came to try out, even though the team only wanted girls. Of course, as reality TV does, the guy, Brad, looked nervous at first, then ROCKS IT. He sang the song in the original key and everything. The group deliberated over whether they wanted this person in their group. They decided to accept him, as well as Joanie, Cat and Amrita.

University of Pennsylvania's Off The Beat was the fourth group we met. They've won twenty awards that are the equivalent of the a cappella Grammys. Jasmine's the music director of this group, which has often been branded as a rock group. She noted that while academics are important, their rehearsals are very intense. Last year, they went to the ICCA competition for the first time and came in third in the semi-finals. This year, they want more. Jasmine and group president, Rohan, have a strong rivalry but their goals help the group succeed.

The group was looking for a male soloist. Rohan was confident that he'd be great for a solo spot, but he got nervous and got lost on the words during his audition. He was up against Alex and Brian. Still, even with his flaws, Rohan was the winner to most of the group....except Jasmine, who fought against him. He was eventually awarded the spot, despite Jasmine being hesitant.

Karaoke Competition: Faux Paz vs. Off The Beat

Because Off The Beat didn't beat the Faux Paz in the past, they set up a karaoke battle. I'm sure it's actually because this is a TV show and drama has to happen, sure, let's say it was just because of last year's grudge.

While Rohan sang a Boyz II Men classic while forgetting the words, some of the guys danced be funny, I think. Jasmine was not happy when a Faux Paz guy rocked a rendition of Creep. Faux Pas sang Bye, Bye, Bye but it was noted that their choreography needed some work. Jasmine sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

The winner of the competition was Off The Beat, although it was noted that they may have had a home field advantage, as they were in their territory.

This season, we'll see lots of words morphed with the "a capella" and group names, like "a ca-gods" and some other stuff. Also, lots of drama, tears and vocal loss. This should be a fun season to watch!

Married At First Sight - Season Four Premiere

Married at First Sight is back, and I'm sure the experts are hoping this season doesn't end in divorce.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is the only returning expert, and she was joined by pastor and marriage guidance counselor Calvin Roberson and Rachel DeAlto, relationship expert.

This season takes place in Miami, Florida.

Image from

Nick, 32, and Sonia, 33, were the first couple. Sonia, a social worker, puts others before herself was hurt by her parents' divorce. Nick manages vacation rentals. He was deeply affected by a car accident that killed a family member. He says he's missing a partner in life, which he desperately wants. They were matched because of their similar energies and ambitions.

Derek, 35, and Heather, 32, were next. Heather, a flight attendant, has a fear of rejection. She's inspired by her parents' healthy marriage. Derek, an account executive, likes to have fun. He was in the Navy, which made it difficult to find a partner. His parents divorced when he was young

Tom, 28 and Lillian, 24, were last. Lillian's a realtor who's very affectionate. Her parents separated once Lillian left the home. Tom owns an interior design company and lives a free spirited life. He loves surfing.

The participants told their families and friends that they'd be on Married at First Sight, and as expected, they were shocked.

The couples prepared for the weddings. Heather was shocked at how great her boobs looked in her dress, and her friends advised her to make sure her future husband sees her face, not her boobs, first.

The guys struggled to pick out rings for the women they'd never met. They came armed with only their ring sizes.

The couples had their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Lillian had a great setup in a party bus, then went to a martini bar. She looked so happy. Tom and his boys went out drinking.

Derek vowed not to do anything at his bachelor party that he'd be ashamed to tell his wife the next day. Still, strippers found their way onto their party bus. Derek maintained that he stayed in line and kept it PG.

Sonia went to a drag queen show. She invited her mom to the bachelorette party, and she was happy to see her because they hadn't seen each other in months. Nick went drinking with his friends.

The wedding days arrived, and everyone was understandably nervous. Lillian was hurting because her dad wasn't around to walk her down the aisle since they no longer communicate.

The guys and girls were given their gifts. Tom got Lillian a strand of pearls, which unfortunately, are bad luck in her culture.  She struggled with whether to wear the pearls or not and ultimately decided against it. Sonia was given socks that said 'cold feet' as a joke, and she loved them.

Heather struggled with her veil and considered taking it off. She was clearly agitated.

After a lot of tears, nerves and buildup, the couples prepared for the moment they'd meet their spouse. The grooms entered first, and their future spouses' families happily greeted them. At Sonia and Nick's wedding, the rain began to pour before she walked down the aisle. This made her doubt her decision.

And with that, the episode ended, leaving us wondering if Sonia would try to back out before the marriage even began. I can't wait!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Season Finale

Teenage Newlyweds is coming to an end, and we got some interesting scenes in the season finale.

Brenda & Travis

Travis took Brenda to a pro-life rally so she could see his perspective on the topic, per their therapist's advice. On the way, he gave her a lecture on why abortions are wrong, in his opinion. He believes women that get abortions should be punished. Brenda (who I agree with) argued with him. Brenda didn't want to leave the car during the rally, and the pair felt unsafe when a random person photographed them.

 The pair next visited a Presbyterian church to hear Brenda's perspective. The pastor was pro-choice and pro-faith. She explained that she once saw a woman die of a self-inflicted abortion because abortion wasn't legal. The pastor and Brenda got along well, but Travis didn't feel heard. Travis did state his views, but the pastor was able to debate him well. Here's my take - if Travis can't handle the idea of abortion or having a kid now, perhaps the pair should not be having sex! Travis said he had trouble agreeing with Brenda's view, and she said he doesn't have to agree - what she seems to mean is, he just has to understand. And he isn't willing to do that.

Back at therapy, after some arguments, Brenda insisted that Travis can't make her have a baby, and Travis insisted that abortion is never an option. The pair still struggled with the future of their marriage if Brenda had an abortion, but Travis admitted that he would stay with Brenda no matter what.

Halie & George

Halie tearfully hugged her family goodbye after their visit and couldn't shake the sadness. The pair tried to work through everything, but it wasn't getting easier. Halie suggested her parents move to Utah, but they just laughed in response.

Halie and George went to see his grandparents, who advised them that marriages have ups and downs and require work. They were advised to remember that they're each other's soulmates.

Halie was asked to open the front door when the doorbell rang, and Halie's niece Tatum was at the door. George had secretly invited her family to visit so she knew she'd never lose them. Halie said "Oh my heck" about a thousand times.

Halie got great news - her parents said they'd consider moving near Halie & George. It wasn't just for Halie - the timing was right - so it was a great situation for everyone.

Halie and George gave us advice - don't wait to get married if you know it's right.

Emma & Joey

Emma asked Joey about going to counseling. Joey wasn't convinced about it. He later talked to his parents and got some marital advice. They told him they should go to counseling, as they'd done the same.

Joey opened up about his dad's alcoholism. When Joey was a child, his dad was in a car accident due to his dad's alcoholism. He awoke to see a family leave the car he hit, just as the car exploded. The family broke apart and Joey became the man of the house. His dad fought to put the family back together, but it wasn't easy.

Joey's parents told him he should give himself credit for being emotionally strong after his dad's accident. He had to be an adult when he was only a kid. He never showed emotion after the accident and is still stoic to this day.

Joey's mom asked Joey a tough question: is Emma worth the effort? We didn't see an answer, but it's a valid question.

Joey went home and sat with Emma. He let his emotions and vulnerability shine through, despite that he hates his vulnerability. He told her he wants to be emotional with her. He talked about his dad's accident, how everyone was emotional, so he felt he had to be the strong one. He agreed to do whatever it takes to make the marriage work, including counseling.

Here are some moments from the end of the show:

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding - Season 5, Episode 1

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding is back!


First we met Maquayla, an 18 year old Romanichal Gypsy from West Virginia. This bride to be likes to have her own money, so she works two jobs. She's a caregiver and does hair and makeup for a photographer. She's saving up for her wedding. She's marrying her childhood sweetheart, Thomas. Thomas is between jobs, so she's making the money and calling the shots.

Maquayla, in search of a unique dress, called Sondra Celli. She asked for a dress made of live yellow Gerber daisies. Unfortunately, the flowers died quickly, causing problems for Sondra and the design team. Sondra called Maquayla to let her know that the daisies wouldn't work out, but she'd make the dress amazing. Sondra went out and got other flowers, and it looked like the dress would be a success. When Maquayla saw the dress, she loved it - it really was beautiful!

Unfortunately, the flowers died in the transport to Maquayla's home and the dress was ruined. Her friend Elaina suggested they call Sondra, but Maquayla was too devastated. Fortunately, she made the call and let Sondra know, and Sondra said she'd fly out to fix the dress.

While Sondra told Makayla everything was under control with the dress, she wasn't so sure. She'd bought all the pink flowers that a flower shop had, and she only had herself and one other person to fix the dress. She was nervous.

Fortunately, this is a reality show and things always work out. The dress turned out perfectly. Maquayla was thrilled when she set her sights on it. Strangely, the groom and the groomsmen weren't wearing shirts under their vests, but nobody looks at the guys anyway, right? Although late, Maquayla was transported to her wedding in the back of a pickup truck. A wedding, mind you, which featured a pig. Okay, then!

The party was fun and Maquayla handled it well when she stepped in cow poop. Her favorite part was shoving cake in Thomas' face.

Then, Maquayla happily told Thomas that she was pregnant. Congratulations to the newly married couple!


In another unique Gyspy twist, we met 15 year old Yazzie from Colorado, who's a Hungarian gypsy. Her goal is to continue her studies and become a modern, independent Gypsy woman. Her mom, Deanna, is a more traditional Gypsy woman. Her ancestors survived the Holocaust. Deanna supports Deanna getting married and raising a nice Gypsy family, as she wants to keep the bloodline alive.

The pair was planning Yazzie's candy themed Sweet Sixteen. Mom's plan was to have Yazzie meet a nice Gypsy boy at the party so she can settle down with him. Yazzie didn't think this was fair - she didn't want to leave school, settle down or have a bunch of kids - she wanted a career.

As it turns out, Yazzie had a secret - she and Anthony, 19, a Gorger (non-Gypsy) were secretly dating. Yazzie saw the party as a way to announce their relationship. Unfortunately, Yazzie and Anthony was discovered by a member of the Gypsy community, and Deanna told Yazzie the relationship is over.

Yazzie tried to make peace with her mom. Deanna explained her family's history to Yazzie and why their culture is important, as well as why their bloodline needs to continue. This gave Yazzie an understanding of her history that she didn't previously have.

Yazzie broke up with Anthony, although it broke her heart; she said she needs to honor her Gypsy culture. Unfortunately, although she was thrilled for her Sweet Sixteen, Yazzie missed Anthony. On the plus side, her dress showed up and it was awesome. It was made out of over 3,000 individual pieces of candy. It was beautiful, colorful and age appropriate, which we don't always see with Gypsy dresses.

Yazzie's mom introduced her to some guys, and she felt pressured to choose one to marry. It was funny - the girls were all dressed up and the guys were so casual. Anthony missed Yazzie, so he showed up at the Sweet Sixteen. All dressed up, he handed her a bag and walked off. He'd handed her a wedding ring. She later returned the ring because she wanted to focus on her studies. The pair agreed to remain friends.

Yazzie told her mom she's not ready to get married at all, not to Anthony or a Gyspsy boy. Her mom understood and said she'd allow her to finish high school before pressing the marriage issue.

My Thoughts

It was nice to see a different type of episode of this show. There weren't big fights or crazy dramatic scenes. The featured girls seemed kind and respectful. While we will see major drama this season, this episode made you feel pretty good and painted a nicer picture of Gypsy families than many episodes do.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 7 - Communication Breakdown

Teenage Newlyweds is back with another episode, this time about communication.

Emma and Joey

Emma struggled with Joey's busy schedule and the fact that she has to do the chores around the house. Joey noted that he's not used to doing chores. We saw Joey playing video games while Emma did chores.

Emma spent time with her mom (which is rare) and they discussed how Emma nags at Joey a lot, although she doesn't want to. Emma grew up in a household where she had to help, and Joey was in a household where he didn't. Emma's mom suggested seeing a counselor so they could learn how to better communicate.

Emma's dad weighed in and said that Emma should tell Joey that his participation in the household chores would be an expression of love. She agreed to let her parents talk to Joey. Emma's mom talked to Joey with Emma and her dad in the room, but Joey wished Emma had talked to him first. Joey said he's not around enough to notice Emma's stress, and shot back that Emma does some chores but ignores others, and commented on the long hours she spends asleep.

When asked about counseling, Joey was against it because he thinks their marriage is solid. He doesn't see the problems Emma is facing. Emma no longer felt confident buying a house, given this discouraging conversation.

Brenda and Travis

Brenda and Travis' friends support their marriage, but Brenda feels judged by being married at her age. The pair discussed their goals before having kids with Brenda's sister. Brenda's sister thought it was important to be prepared, should a pregnancy happen, especially given their differing views on abortion.

The pair discussed seeing a counselor if their marriage is struggling, due to the need for effective communication. Brenda thinks the pair is good now, but there is potential for future issues based on their differing viewpoints.

The pair visited a therapist. Brenda worried that she'd be told the marriage wouldn't work; Travis was concerned about hearing things he didn't want to hear. The pair discussed abortion with the therapist (Brenda being pro-choice and Travis being pro-life). The therapist was surprised that the pair got together, despite fundamental differences like this one. Travis felt like their recent pregnancy scare was very serious.

The therapist talked to Brenda alone, and she said during the pregnancy scare, she was concerned about Travis not supporting her decision to get an abortion. Travis, alone with the therapist, admitted that he threatened to leave her and take the baby.

The therapist noted that the pair has communication issues, like that Brenda didn't mention when Travis made the comment about leaving. She said she's moved past it. The therapist made it clear that things like this can't just be swept under the rug. After all was said and done, the therapist said the pair is clearly in love, but they need to ensure they don't let their relationship crack. They need to address their issues sooner than later.

The pair was given the task of how to show their point of view to the other and come back with what they learn, specifically surrounding the abortion, to create empathy and find a middle ground.

Halie and George

George told the confessional that he struggles to make Halie happy. Halie was thrilled that her family was coming to visit - the whole family, including extended family.

Halie's family went to her cousin's party, and she felt great having them around. George noticed how much happier she is with her family around. George felt awful because he can't make Halie happy, and clearly, she and her family missed each other very much.

George feels like he sacrifices family time because of Halie because it hurts her, yet when her family's around they spend the whole time with them. Halie's mom commented that when they have kids, she'll be heartbroken if they live far away. George said they want to be close to both families, and they need to keep their options open. Halie's mom didn't like that. George was not happy with the whole interchange. He later told Halie that there's a time that she'd feel better not being around her family, and George admitted that he feels upset because Halie's sad about missing her family, which distances himself from his own. George was hurt feeling like Halie wants to be with her family more than him. He got really emotional about it. Halie said George is the center of her world and she cares about his happiness, but he isn't feeling it.

Next week, we'll see the abortion discussion escalate, Joey talk down about counseling and the continuing struggle between Halie and George.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dating Naked - Season 3, Episode 2

To kick off Dating Naked, David and Natalie showed their keepers their keeper rooms.

 Nadica told David to take the lead, and Natalie explained to Zakk how she was smitten with him. While Zakk and Natalie did well, Nadica turned out to be a bit more domineering than David was looking for. She kept demanding things from David, then saying the evening was unsatisfying. Nadica kept telling David to recognize that he chose the right woman. She accused him of not looking for love. It was a bit crazy. See for yourself below.

David went on his next date with a woman named Vanessa. She was clearly nervous. The pair snorkeled, despite Vanessa's fear of fish. She was terrified, but handled it like a champ. David liked helping her and being the hero. David made a crack about how Nadica needs a mental evaluation. So funny!

Natalie's next date was with a guy named Willie, a former chubby kid who's now a fitness focused adult. Natalie was attracted to him. The pair went to a dance studio. Willie danced and had fun, despite claiming he's not a dancer. When Natalie danced, Willie just watched. She did have some great moves but it must have been strange doing them while undressed!

Back at the house, Zakk sang Natalie a song he wrote. She was all kinds of into it. David straight up told Nadica he's not into her. So Nadica called game on. She clung to Willie and played the victim. She talked about wanting a guy who would do things for her (not David) and then MADE OUT WITH WILLIE. WHATTT?!?!?! Crazy. Then she said she had to leave before any more of her time is wasted. This chick is bananas. She said she wanted to leave with dignity, but walked away naked in wedge shoes.

Natalie and David talked and agreed that they have a great connection and would still choose each other as the best option.

Natalie's next date was with Tim from Las Vegas, who had orange blonde hair, and brought her flip flops. The pair built a structure out of sticks and leaves. Tim got a little weird and Natalie noticed.

David and his date Nicole played trampoline basketball in the water. They then talked about how Nicole has two kids, and David questioned whether that's something he can handle.

Zakk ratted out Willie for hooking up with Nadica and asking him for a condom. Natalie was conflicted - believe Zakk or trust Willie? She called Willie out, and he denied everything. He said Zakk was lying. So scummy, Willie! Natalie got upset and walked away to cry.

Natalie considered sending everyone home. In the end, David kept Nicole on the island, and Natalie kept Zakk. At least Willie admitted to his affair with Nadia!

And that was it for today's Dating Naked drama!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 6 - Married With Friends

On this episode of Teenage Newlyweds, we see the couples interact with their friends.

Brenda & Travis

The couple struggled to buy food for Brenda's birthday party because Travis bough shoes for himself on her birthday weekend. This was a culture shock for Travis, whose parents previously took care of all of his needs.

The party went on, but because the pair couldn't afford a cake, they brought out a leftover slice of ice cream cake. It was so embarrassing for Brenda. You can see for yourself below. I don't blame her at all for being upset.

As a gift, Travis wrote Brenda more of a song he'd previously written for her.

The pair noted that they don't talk about their differences, which may end up being a big problem in their marriage.

Halie & George

Halie said yes to the Hawaii trip! If you recall, last week, she was pushing George to get a refund for the tickets.

It was totally worth it - it looks like they had a blast! Both Halie and George looked really happy.

Back home, Halie learned about her new job. Her coworker, Megan asked Halie if she missed being home, which she does. Halie said it's tough having all of her friends be George's friends, and she misses hanging out with her sisters.

Halie said she's friendly with her coworkers, but it's tough to be close to them because they're all much older.

The pair headed to George's friend's cabin in Park City, Utah. Halie was so sad because she didn't seem to fit with everyone, although it seemed like she was holding herself back.

People were sliding down stairs covered in mattresses - that looked awesome! You can see that, and Emma's pain, below.

Halie's tough time became more evident, and George's parents took notice. This seemed to make things even tougher for her. Plus, she knew that George felt somewhat responsible, even though she made a conscious effort not to blame him. As Halie talked to her parents, she got really emotional about how much she missed them. She seemed to sink more and more into depression but didn't want George to feel bad.

Emma & Joey

The pair struggled with their differing schedules and not having enough time to make everyone happy. She spent time with her friend Marrissa, who was hurt because Emma doesn't call her back. Marrissa missed the times they shared when Emma was single, and fretted over losing her becauseEmma had been there for Marrissa when she was dealing with depression. The pair made up, but it was clearly tough for Marrissa, as she felt like she lost her friend.

Emma and Joey planned to have their own girls' and guys' nights. Both Emma and Joey discussed that they've been together for four years, engaged for two, while out with their friends. Emma noted how she doesn't see her friends as much as she used to, and Joey said how he enjoys spending time with Emma, but actually sees her less now that they're married.

One of Joey's friends called him whipped, and he disagreed - he said someone who's whipped does nice things for sex; being in love means you do nice things for someone because you want to. That was actually very nice! Then Joey told his guys his wifi password - which is Joey Is Whipped. Okay then!

Next week, we'll see Halie's family visit, Emma feel like Joey's mother, and a communication breakdown between Emma and Joey. We'll also see Brenda and Travis struggle with their marriage.