Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 5 - Marriage Meets Money

Brenda & Travis

Brenda and Travis discussed her potential pregnancy and how it could affect her ability to stay in school. Despite the time spent on this topic, it came back negative. And boy were they relieved!

Brenda's working in student support services (only making $50 a week!) and going to school, and Travis isn't working because he has financial aid. She gets $2,500 from FAFSA, too. The pair made a budget and Brenda joked that they have no money to spend each month. Travis said he has $500 saved, and Brenda said she has -$100 for a net of $400. They realized they don't have enough for what they need each month.

Travis is a skateboarder and needed new skate shoes. He spent $ $ $70! What I mean is that Travis told Brenda the lower price, then raised it as he spoke. Then he wanted to stay home and watch football - on her birthday weekend. Not cool, Travis!

The pair wanted to throw a small party for Brenda's birthday, but they got stuck on budget and Travis wanted to rush to go watch football.

Halie & George

Halie rocked it out and got a job as an assistant to the heads of a makeup company. She'd be making $10 an hour. We also learned that George makes $13 an hour, and both are attending school.

The pair discussed not understanding savings accounts and credit cards. Oh, boy! They enlisted Halie's dad, who visited them, to give them info about how to save. They got a lot of info from him: the cost of kids, how they need to save and why it's important to plan for your retirement.

Halie and George had dinner with his parents. It was tough on Halie because she missed her parents.

George wanted to do something nice for Halie, which was such a great idea. In the clip below, you can see how much he loves Halie and is trying to think of something great.

Unfortunately, it didn't go so well when George made a HUGE decision and bought tickets for a trip to Hawaii. (They hadn't had a honeymoon.) It cost $1,000 in plane tickets alone. Halie was not happy. She asked George to get a refund. He looked devastated.

Emma & Joey

Emma said if she and Joey buy a house, they'll have no savings, and that's not ideal. Emma really took charge of finances (she learned it as a kid) and has to keep Joey involved, rather than deciding everything on her own. The problem is that Joey's clearly not on board. Finances, as shown below, are going to be a big issue for this couple.

Emma talked more about buying a house. It was evident where she got that drive from - her parents told the confessional that it's best to buy so you have equity, while Joey's parents said they should wait.

They looked at a great place, got all kinds of excited, and then were told that the place they like already has an offer on it.

On the next episode, Halie struggles with being friends with Halie's friends, Joey is accused on being whipped and Travis and Brenda throw a party.

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