Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 3

This week on Teenage Newlyweds, the teenagers leave the nest and move to their own homes.

Halie cried as she and George got in the car to move away from her family. Halie fretted about seeing the apartment she'd be living in for the first time. While Halie was nervous, George and his family were happy because he'd been away for so long on his mission.

Halie and George discussed how it's going to be a huge change seeing each other every single day. Fortunately, they seemed to be in good spirits about it, despite the fact that this was cut in with confessional scenes about why marriages fail. Things did get hairy, though, when George told Halie some of her personality flaws (specifically related to her being a woman), even though he did it with a smile.

George talked about the struggle he had finding a place, and how eventually a family friend had a place become available. It was lovely, and George's parents stocked the place with food and other basics. Halie got emotional as she called her parents; it will clearly take her time to get over leaving her family.

Brenda lamented about missing Travis while they were apart. Travis was working at a technology camp and Brenda stayed with her mom. This helped them save money. Brenda told the camera that she and Travis argue about a woman's role. This was accompanied by interesting commentary by Brenda's family, which is great because they're so much fun.

Brenda and Travis prepared to move to their apartment. Brenda's mom told us about her past - she became pregnant at 24 but lost that child, went on to have three daughters, and felt lost when her husband passed away. Brenda's grandmother had a lot of life as well, including multiple marriages.

Brenda and Travis took the drive to their new apartment, which is student housing near Travis' school. The pair discussed having kids. Travis wanted three, and Brenda pointed out that having three kids will be expensive. They discussed politics, butting heads over whether Brenda's democratic values or Travis' republican values would be translated to their kids.

The pair was paying a bunch of money for the apartment, but they loved it and were thrilled by the proximity to campus.

Joey and Emma contemplated buying their first house. Well, Emma did, but Joey seemed highly unconvinced. Though she is young, Emma truly understands finances. She gets it; she realizes that many kids her age can't buy homes, but since she and Joey can, they can make an investment, rather than rent. She was also realistic about their price range. What I don't think they realize, though, is the responsibilities that go with a house, but really, who does?

Joey's parents told the camera that his procrastination could be a problem in their marriage, which was a well placed clip, because Joey was clearly procrastinating before the couple met with a mortgage broker. Also, the pair got held up finding all of the documents they needed to meet with the broker.

Emma was clearly frustrated on the car ride, and Joey kept busy with his plate of four sandwiches. I am not even kidding. He had a plate of four sandwiches in the car. That's enough calories to last for at least two meals! Oh! And I think I spotted a continuity error. Joey's plate had four sandwiches, then two, then four again. Interesting!

Emma and Joey seemed overwhelmed by the home buying fees, but Emma was smart about everything - she asked about loan options other than the one she was offered. When the broker didn't provide info about other loans, Emma was understandably upset. Emma was also upset by being rushed through the process.

That was it for today's episode! Next week it looks like we'll see Halie and George discuss kids, Brenda tell Travis her period is late and Emma and Joey discuss adoption.

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