Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 2

Teenage Newlyweds is back with its second episode.

George and Halie's parents were positive about their marriage, whereas Joey's parents were more skeptical of his union to Emma, stating that the kids didn't really know what they were getting into. Miriam, Brenda's friend, worried about Brenda and Travis having strong political differences.

George and Halie's car was decorated with condoms, and the pair joked about sex. They told the confessional that they were expecting their first sexual encounter to be a bit of a letdown.

Brenda and Travis waited until marriage to have sex, although Brenda lost her virginity at 15. She was with a guy she thought she'd marry, but he ended up breaking up with her.

Emma and Joey went on a honeymoon to Canada because it's cheaper than Hawaii. Joey told the camera that the pair is having lots of sex. We were told that this is Emma and Joey's first serious relationship, which is good (not my words) because they'll jump in fully and not have broken hearts behind them, but bad because they don't know if there's someone better out there.

George and Halie giggled about their sexual compatibility.

Brenda commented that her first time having sex with Travis was very natural; Travis agreed. The pair reviewed the advice they got at their wedding. They joked about how someone said that Travis is always right and also that Brenda is always right.

Brenda's family discussed why talking about religion or politics can be tricky in a relationship, and if it is discussed, it must be approached respectfully.

George and Halie talked about how she was going to be leaving her family to move to Utah. George emphasized that Hailie is making a sacrifice for love.

Brenda and Travis discussed the money their parents gave them for the wedding and honeymoon. Travis wondered what they'd do with all their wedding gift money, and Brenda reminded him that it would be paying their rent. We then learned that they'd be living apart for three weeks to save money before moving in together.

Brenda's luggage got chosen for a search in the airport, and she was forced to admit she'd brought a vibrator. They chose Mexico for their honeymoon because Brenda can't legally drink in the US.

Joey works at a garden store, and his family wants more for him. They want him to get an education so he can do better.

Emma asked Joey about their next step. Emma suggested a house; Joey said they're comfortable in the rental. Emma offered to take fewer credits at school to earn more, and Joey said he already puts in 40 - 45 hours a week. But really, Joey told the confessional that he doesn't like moving and doesn't want to do it. Emma asked Joey if he'd consider getting a better job, and Joey said he's comfortable at his job. Joey, again, didn't want a change. Emma said that Joey's serious about having a house or kids, he needs to apply himself. Joey essentially made excuses so he wouldn't have to change.

Halie was anxious about leaving home when George would live right near his parents. George had told her they could live by her family if Halie really wants to, but he was afraid she'd go to her family before going to him. She was given the advice that she needs to put George first, but he needs to put her first as well.

Emma and Joey work different hours, along with Emma's school schedule, which made things tough for them. Plus, Emma struggled with Joey not going back to school and not bettering himself.

That was just about it for this episode. It looks like we'll see more conflict next week as Brenda and Travis fight, Emma continues to want Joey to improve, and Halie moves away from her family.

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