Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 4

This week on Teenage Newlyweds, the couples addressed some tough stuff: pregnancy and children.

Emma and Joey were the first to appear on the episode, and they lamented about what they signed stating that they have to go through the mortgage broker they'd met with. Joey called his dad, who said they aren't locked into working with Maxine, although they should so they get the USDA loan.

The pair went shopping for gifts for friends who became pregnant quickly after marrying. These friends apparently want 12 kids, but they might change their mind after having to take care of one. Joey addressed that he wants to have kids soon.

Joey's friend Ben explained why he married young. He said he wanted companionship and knew his wife was the one, plus, he wanted kids right away. He said technically he's an adult at 18, although I don't necessarily agree with this - at 18, I was definitely still a kid.

Emma told her friend that she'd never be able to adopt because she couldn't handle it. On top of that, she said her adopted friends haven't had great lives.

Joey asked Emma when she wants kids, and she said two to three more years. She said Joey can wait. He questioned why he has to be the one to wait. She questioned why Joey wants kids now, and he said it's a life goal; Emma countered by saying she wants to finish school. Emma asked Joey what they'd do if they can't have kids and Joey said he'd want to adopt. Emma brought up the emotional concerns of adoptions, and Joey said something about blaming the birth parents for the child's issues...or something like that. Joey got upset because Emma shut down the idea of adoption. Joey asked Emma if not having kids is an option and she said yes, although this is completely against Joey's mindset.

I think Joey and Emma both have valid points when it comes to adoption - it is a great way to give a child a chance (Joey's point) but it's an emotional challenge (Emma's). The difference is that Joey wants to jump in head first - he doesn't want a better job, doesn't care if Emma finishes school, etc., whereas Emma realizes she's not even remotely ready to be a mom.

Brenda and Travis talked about not having kids yet, and Brenda bathed her cat. Travis commented that Brenda will be a great mom.

Brenda missed a pill and realized she might be pregnant. She was upset, as she planned to wait until her late 20s to have kids. To add to the drama, Brenda told her sister that Travis once said he'd leave her if she got an abortion. Brenda let Travis know that her period was late. Travis offered to get Brenda a pregnancy test and promised her things would be okay, despite his fears and doubts.

Travis prayed for his relationship with Brenda, as they didn't know what was coming next. Brenda said there's no positive outcome to being pregnant and it could ruin their marriage. Brenda asked what they'd do if Brenda was pregnant. Travis said he'd be opposed to an abortion, but Brenda said she wants to give a child the life he or she deserves. When asked, Brenda said giving the baby up for adoption isn't an option. She also said that Travis won't be affected by a baby, but he said it will affect their relationship.

We did not find out the outcome of the pregnancy test - we have to wait for next week!

George and Halie were third, and George noted that he wants to start a family soon. They said they'd start working on that as soon as they're comfortable. They both seem to want six kids, although Halie wants a mix of boys and girls while George wants boys. This couple truly is adorable - a little young and naive, but genuinely great people who are truly in love.

The pair was asked to babysit their four year old nephew, Jayce. They agreed to watch him overnight, even though they admitted that he's a handful. They gave it a try, but as you can see, the attempt wasn't completely successful.

After the trio played on a really awesome trampoline, Jayce refused to go inside at Halie's request. And as you saw above, Jayce was more interested in hitting himself in the face with pizza than actually eating it. Halie and George's chorus of "no" was kind of hilarious, although you could hear the exhaustion in their voices.

The pair gave Jayce a bath, and during this, he farted in the bathtub. And then he whined about going to church. While George and Halie gave each other credit for doing well with Jayce, it confirmed that they are not ready to have kids yet.

And that was it! Next week, we find out what happened with Brenda and Travis' pregnancy scare.

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