Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dating Naked - Season 3 Premiere on VH1

A new season of VH1's Dating Naked is here!

First, we met David, 31, from Atlanta. He's a business consultant with his own company. He used to play basketball, and ended a four year relationship a year ago. He aims to be an amazing husband and father.

Natalie, 24, from Milwaukee was next. She's a dancer and choreographer. She and a guy dated for four years and ran a dance business together. He cheated and she lost her relationship and her business.

Host Rocsi Diaz welcomed the pair, still clothed, and told them the deal: they go on dates and someone they like stays on the island. She then told the pair that they'd start by dating each other. And wow, they were nervous! Natalie undressed faster, so she slowed down so they could remove their underwear together.

The pair, who got along great, paddled to the island house, which was beautiful. David said Natalie breaks him out of his shell, which was helpful because he was clearly more nervous than she.

Natalie revealed that she was attacked by a dog as a child and was bullied as she went through reconstructive surgeries. Natalie also told the confessional that she was willing to accept a kiss from David, but he didn't offer one.

Natalie's first date arrived and he was awful. AWFUL. His name was Vinny and he was so unlikable. You can see for yourself below. Still, they seemed to have some fun on their soccer date.

He also did this later, and it was equally atrocious.

He was like a mix of Peewee Herman and a hyperactive chihuahua. Or something. Surprisingly, Natalie said she had a good time, so either the editing was hiding a lot or Vinny came across better in real life.

David had a date with a blonde named Dorothy. She told the confessional that she'd love to date herself because she's a delight. I respect good self esteem, but this was a little extreme. She reminded me a little bit of Ariana Grande with her squeaky voice. Check out the self esteem below.

The pair snorkeled and seemed to have a good time, although David's snorkeling ability was lacking.

David, like Natalie, enjoyed this date. He said Dorothy's personality was attractive, so again, I think they're hiding a lot from us with the editing. I will say that Dorothy did seem like fun, in any case.

When the four people met, David had a high opinion of Vinny, but he seemed to lose it after Vinny showed off his "mangina" and "fruit basket" - very classy. Or not. Natalie admitted that she didn't see a long term relationship with him, which was good, considering he openly peed on the ground in front of everyone.

Unfortunately for Vinny, he drank too much, leading Natalie to put him to bed. Natalie then went to bed as well because she was feeling jealous of David's connection with Dorothy.

David's next date was with Nadica. What a cool name! This NYC girl was happy to date naked so her date could focus on getting to know her, not getting in her pants. What was very cool is Nautica's a bodybuilder preparing for competition. Off the bat, I liked her more than Dorothy - she seemed very down to earth and real.

Natalie's next date was with Zakk. Zakk was from Louisiana. He came off less abrasive than Vinny, and Natalie couldn't stop looking into his eyes. Zakk's a lead vocalist in a death metal band, and Natalie was super into that. Even better is that Zakk's also a firefighter.

The pair has to play lifeguard (Natalie) and victim (Zakk). They had fun, but in the confessional, Natalie accidentally called him David. Oops!

David and Nadica had a massage assignment - very intimate!

After the dates, everybody met back at the house, and Nadica was a bit intimidated by Dorothy, although I don't think she needed to be - there's no need to feel insecure!

To Dorothy's credit, when Nadica was aggressive towards David, Dorothy took a step back. She wasn't going to fight if she wasn't being fought for. And that's kind of awesome!

Decision time arrived, and Natalie (rightfully) decided to choose Zakk as a stronger connection than with Vinny. She kept Zakk in the house.

David, I think, had a tougher decision. He admitted that his closest connection was with Natalie, but he still had to choose. So he ended up keeping Nadica because she was willing to fight for his attention.

And that was it! I can't wait for episode 2. Dating Naked rocks!!!

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Who is Dorothy?? She is so Beautiful and down to earth.