Thursday, June 23, 2016

Arranged - What I Think Of The Couples So Far

I caught up with this season of Arranged on FYI, and I feel very differently about each of the participants. But before we get into this, I think the show is using the term 'arranged' kind of loosely - Vicki and Ben were set up by friends, for example, so that's more of a setup than an arrangement, no? In any case, here's what I think of the couples.

Vicki and Ben

It was concerning that Vicki seemed to choose a young marriage to make up for the family unit she felt that she missed out on growing up. However, you can tell that she and Ben really care about each other.

I think marriage is a big shock for Vicki, who seems to think she's dealing with a kid sometimes. Yes, Ben is childlike and fun loving, but that's the flaw of having barely any time together before marriage - you don't learn things like this about a person. I find it endearing on the show but I can see how it is a lot to handle.

What's significant about this couple is the extra struggles they face due to their religious decisions. They have to stay separate for a large portion of their marriage due to Orthodox Jewish law - that's a lot to handle! There are times when they can't sleep in the same bed, and Ben can't even pass things to Vicki. If they're happy with this, good for them, but I can see this causing a strain over time.

Overall, I think this couple is very likeable and they're committed to making this work. Plus, they've got cool history, shown below.

Taylor and David

I struggle most with this couple. Beauty Queen Taylor doesn't come off as highly likeable. She likes to be right, she likes to win and she likes to be in control. I can see how this is frustrating for David. She makes a lot of demands of David without regard for finances and other practical matters. David called Taylor out on his nagging, and she was immediately defensive - she told him to get over it. Taylor made it clear that she's always right, and when David tried to advocate for himself, Taylor shot him down.

I do not feel that parents should get overly involved in their kids' relationships, but I can see how David's parents were hesitant about Taylor. She clearly puts herself first in a relationship, and while confidence is great, she takes it to an extreme. Her pickiness is displayed in the video below.

Maneka and Mayur

I respect that this couple really wants to make things work. Maneka was definitely afraid of the marriage failing due to the failure of her previous marriage, but she does seem to legitimately care about Mayur. She seemed to be very goal oriented: get married, have kids. Go, go, go! This gets tricky because Mayur wants to wait for kids. Still, Maneka wasn't preventing pregnancy, as shown in the clip below.

I wonder if this couple will end up having kids sooner than later - I think Maneka might win this battle.

What do you think of the couples?

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