Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Dating Naked - Season 3 Premiere on VH1

A new season of VH1's Dating Naked is here!

First, we met David, 31, from Atlanta. He's a business consultant with his own company. He used to play basketball, and ended a four year relationship a year ago. He aims to be an amazing husband and father.

Natalie, 24, from Milwaukee was next. She's a dancer and choreographer. She and a guy dated for four years and ran a dance business together. He cheated and she lost her relationship and her business.

Host Rocsi Diaz welcomed the pair, still clothed, and told them the deal: they go on dates and someone they like stays on the island. She then told the pair that they'd start by dating each other. And wow, they were nervous! Natalie undressed faster, so she slowed down so they could remove their underwear together.

The pair, who got along great, paddled to the island house, which was beautiful. David said Natalie breaks him out of his shell, which was helpful because he was clearly more nervous than she.

Natalie revealed that she was attacked by a dog as a child and was bullied as she went through reconstructive surgeries. Natalie also told the confessional that she was willing to accept a kiss from David, but he didn't offer one.

Natalie's first date arrived and he was awful. AWFUL. His name was Vinny and he was so unlikable. You can see for yourself below. Still, they seemed to have some fun on their soccer date.

He also did this later, and it was equally atrocious.

He was like a mix of Peewee Herman and a hyperactive chihuahua. Or something. Surprisingly, Natalie said she had a good time, so either the editing was hiding a lot or Vinny came across better in real life.

David had a date with a blonde named Dorothy. She told the confessional that she'd love to date herself because she's a delight. I respect good self esteem, but this was a little extreme. She reminded me a little bit of Ariana Grande with her squeaky voice. Check out the self esteem below.

The pair snorkeled and seemed to have a good time, although David's snorkeling ability was lacking.

David, like Natalie, enjoyed this date. He said Dorothy's personality was attractive, so again, I think they're hiding a lot from us with the editing. I will say that Dorothy did seem like fun, in any case.

When the four people met, David had a high opinion of Vinny, but he seemed to lose it after Vinny showed off his "mangina" and "fruit basket" - very classy. Or not. Natalie admitted that she didn't see a long term relationship with him, which was good, considering he openly peed on the ground in front of everyone.

Unfortunately for Vinny, he drank too much, leading Natalie to put him to bed. Natalie then went to bed as well because she was feeling jealous of David's connection with Dorothy.

David's next date was with Nadica. What a cool name! This NYC girl was happy to date naked so her date could focus on getting to know her, not getting in her pants. What was very cool is Nautica's a bodybuilder preparing for competition. Off the bat, I liked her more than Dorothy - she seemed very down to earth and real.

Natalie's next date was with Zakk. Zakk was from Louisiana. He came off less abrasive than Vinny, and Natalie couldn't stop looking into his eyes. Zakk's a lead vocalist in a death metal band, and Natalie was super into that. Even better is that Zakk's also a firefighter.

The pair has to play lifeguard (Natalie) and victim (Zakk). They had fun, but in the confessional, Natalie accidentally called him David. Oops!

David and Nadica had a massage assignment - very intimate!

After the dates, everybody met back at the house, and Nadica was a bit intimidated by Dorothy, although I don't think she needed to be - there's no need to feel insecure!

To Dorothy's credit, when Nadica was aggressive towards David, Dorothy took a step back. She wasn't going to fight if she wasn't being fought for. And that's kind of awesome!

Decision time arrived, and Natalie (rightfully) decided to choose Zakk as a stronger connection than with Vinny. She kept Zakk in the house.

David, I think, had a tougher decision. He admitted that his closest connection was with Natalie, but he still had to choose. So he ended up keeping Nadica because she was willing to fight for his attention.

And that was it! I can't wait for episode 2. Dating Naked rocks!!!

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 5 - Marriage Meets Money

Brenda & Travis

Brenda and Travis discussed her potential pregnancy and how it could affect her ability to stay in school. Despite the time spent on this topic, it came back negative. And boy were they relieved!

Brenda's working in student support services (only making $50 a week!) and going to school, and Travis isn't working because he has financial aid. She gets $2,500 from FAFSA, too. The pair made a budget and Brenda joked that they have no money to spend each month. Travis said he has $500 saved, and Brenda said she has -$100 for a net of $400. They realized they don't have enough for what they need each month.

Travis is a skateboarder and needed new skate shoes. He spent $ $ $70! What I mean is that Travis told Brenda the lower price, then raised it as he spoke. Then he wanted to stay home and watch football - on her birthday weekend. Not cool, Travis!

The pair wanted to throw a small party for Brenda's birthday, but they got stuck on budget and Travis wanted to rush to go watch football.

Halie & George

Halie rocked it out and got a job as an assistant to the heads of a makeup company. She'd be making $10 an hour. We also learned that George makes $13 an hour, and both are attending school.

The pair discussed not understanding savings accounts and credit cards. Oh, boy! They enlisted Halie's dad, who visited them, to give them info about how to save. They got a lot of info from him: the cost of kids, how they need to save and why it's important to plan for your retirement.

Halie and George had dinner with his parents. It was tough on Halie because she missed her parents.

George wanted to do something nice for Halie, which was such a great idea. In the clip below, you can see how much he loves Halie and is trying to think of something great.

Unfortunately, it didn't go so well when George made a HUGE decision and bought tickets for a trip to Hawaii. (They hadn't had a honeymoon.) It cost $1,000 in plane tickets alone. Halie was not happy. She asked George to get a refund. He looked devastated.

Emma & Joey

Emma said if she and Joey buy a house, they'll have no savings, and that's not ideal. Emma really took charge of finances (she learned it as a kid) and has to keep Joey involved, rather than deciding everything on her own. The problem is that Joey's clearly not on board. Finances, as shown below, are going to be a big issue for this couple.

Emma talked more about buying a house. It was evident where she got that drive from - her parents told the confessional that it's best to buy so you have equity, while Joey's parents said they should wait.

They looked at a great place, got all kinds of excited, and then were told that the place they like already has an offer on it.

On the next episode, Halie struggles with being friends with Halie's friends, Joey is accused on being whipped and Travis and Brenda throw a party.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Arranged - What I Think Of The Couples So Far

I caught up with this season of Arranged on FYI, and I feel very differently about each of the participants. But before we get into this, I think the show is using the term 'arranged' kind of loosely - Vicki and Ben were set up by friends, for example, so that's more of a setup than an arrangement, no? In any case, here's what I think of the couples.

Vicki and Ben

It was concerning that Vicki seemed to choose a young marriage to make up for the family unit she felt that she missed out on growing up. However, you can tell that she and Ben really care about each other.

I think marriage is a big shock for Vicki, who seems to think she's dealing with a kid sometimes. Yes, Ben is childlike and fun loving, but that's the flaw of having barely any time together before marriage - you don't learn things like this about a person. I find it endearing on the show but I can see how it is a lot to handle.

What's significant about this couple is the extra struggles they face due to their religious decisions. They have to stay separate for a large portion of their marriage due to Orthodox Jewish law - that's a lot to handle! There are times when they can't sleep in the same bed, and Ben can't even pass things to Vicki. If they're happy with this, good for them, but I can see this causing a strain over time.

Overall, I think this couple is very likeable and they're committed to making this work. Plus, they've got cool history, shown below.

Taylor and David

I struggle most with this couple. Beauty Queen Taylor doesn't come off as highly likeable. She likes to be right, she likes to win and she likes to be in control. I can see how this is frustrating for David. She makes a lot of demands of David without regard for finances and other practical matters. David called Taylor out on his nagging, and she was immediately defensive - she told him to get over it. Taylor made it clear that she's always right, and when David tried to advocate for himself, Taylor shot him down.

I do not feel that parents should get overly involved in their kids' relationships, but I can see how David's parents were hesitant about Taylor. She clearly puts herself first in a relationship, and while confidence is great, she takes it to an extreme. Her pickiness is displayed in the video below.

Maneka and Mayur

I respect that this couple really wants to make things work. Maneka was definitely afraid of the marriage failing due to the failure of her previous marriage, but she does seem to legitimately care about Mayur. She seemed to be very goal oriented: get married, have kids. Go, go, go! This gets tricky because Mayur wants to wait for kids. Still, Maneka wasn't preventing pregnancy, as shown in the clip below.

I wonder if this couple will end up having kids sooner than later - I think Maneka might win this battle.

What do you think of the couples?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 4

This week on Teenage Newlyweds, the couples addressed some tough stuff: pregnancy and children.

Emma and Joey were the first to appear on the episode, and they lamented about what they signed stating that they have to go through the mortgage broker they'd met with. Joey called his dad, who said they aren't locked into working with Maxine, although they should so they get the USDA loan.

The pair went shopping for gifts for friends who became pregnant quickly after marrying. These friends apparently want 12 kids, but they might change their mind after having to take care of one. Joey addressed that he wants to have kids soon.

Joey's friend Ben explained why he married young. He said he wanted companionship and knew his wife was the one, plus, he wanted kids right away. He said technically he's an adult at 18, although I don't necessarily agree with this - at 18, I was definitely still a kid.

Emma told her friend that she'd never be able to adopt because she couldn't handle it. On top of that, she said her adopted friends haven't had great lives.

Joey asked Emma when she wants kids, and she said two to three more years. She said Joey can wait. He questioned why he has to be the one to wait. She questioned why Joey wants kids now, and he said it's a life goal; Emma countered by saying she wants to finish school. Emma asked Joey what they'd do if they can't have kids and Joey said he'd want to adopt. Emma brought up the emotional concerns of adoptions, and Joey said something about blaming the birth parents for the child's issues...or something like that. Joey got upset because Emma shut down the idea of adoption. Joey asked Emma if not having kids is an option and she said yes, although this is completely against Joey's mindset.

I think Joey and Emma both have valid points when it comes to adoption - it is a great way to give a child a chance (Joey's point) but it's an emotional challenge (Emma's). The difference is that Joey wants to jump in head first - he doesn't want a better job, doesn't care if Emma finishes school, etc., whereas Emma realizes she's not even remotely ready to be a mom.

Brenda and Travis talked about not having kids yet, and Brenda bathed her cat. Travis commented that Brenda will be a great mom.

Brenda missed a pill and realized she might be pregnant. She was upset, as she planned to wait until her late 20s to have kids. To add to the drama, Brenda told her sister that Travis once said he'd leave her if she got an abortion. Brenda let Travis know that her period was late. Travis offered to get Brenda a pregnancy test and promised her things would be okay, despite his fears and doubts.

Travis prayed for his relationship with Brenda, as they didn't know what was coming next. Brenda said there's no positive outcome to being pregnant and it could ruin their marriage. Brenda asked what they'd do if Brenda was pregnant. Travis said he'd be opposed to an abortion, but Brenda said she wants to give a child the life he or she deserves. When asked, Brenda said giving the baby up for adoption isn't an option. She also said that Travis won't be affected by a baby, but he said it will affect their relationship.

We did not find out the outcome of the pregnancy test - we have to wait for next week!

George and Halie were third, and George noted that he wants to start a family soon. They said they'd start working on that as soon as they're comfortable. They both seem to want six kids, although Halie wants a mix of boys and girls while George wants boys. This couple truly is adorable - a little young and naive, but genuinely great people who are truly in love.

The pair was asked to babysit their four year old nephew, Jayce. They agreed to watch him overnight, even though they admitted that he's a handful. They gave it a try, but as you can see, the attempt wasn't completely successful.

After the trio played on a really awesome trampoline, Jayce refused to go inside at Halie's request. And as you saw above, Jayce was more interested in hitting himself in the face with pizza than actually eating it. Halie and George's chorus of "no" was kind of hilarious, although you could hear the exhaustion in their voices.

The pair gave Jayce a bath, and during this, he farted in the bathtub. And then he whined about going to church. While George and Halie gave each other credit for doing well with Jayce, it confirmed that they are not ready to have kids yet.

And that was it! Next week, we find out what happened with Brenda and Travis' pregnancy scare.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 3

This week on Teenage Newlyweds, the teenagers leave the nest and move to their own homes.

Halie cried as she and George got in the car to move away from her family. Halie fretted about seeing the apartment she'd be living in for the first time. While Halie was nervous, George and his family were happy because he'd been away for so long on his mission.

Halie and George discussed how it's going to be a huge change seeing each other every single day. Fortunately, they seemed to be in good spirits about it, despite the fact that this was cut in with confessional scenes about why marriages fail. Things did get hairy, though, when George told Halie some of her personality flaws (specifically related to her being a woman), even though he did it with a smile.

George talked about the struggle he had finding a place, and how eventually a family friend had a place become available. It was lovely, and George's parents stocked the place with food and other basics. Halie got emotional as she called her parents; it will clearly take her time to get over leaving her family.

Brenda lamented about missing Travis while they were apart. Travis was working at a technology camp and Brenda stayed with her mom. This helped them save money. Brenda told the camera that she and Travis argue about a woman's role. This was accompanied by interesting commentary by Brenda's family, which is great because they're so much fun.

Brenda and Travis prepared to move to their apartment. Brenda's mom told us about her past - she became pregnant at 24 but lost that child, went on to have three daughters, and felt lost when her husband passed away. Brenda's grandmother had a lot of life as well, including multiple marriages.

Brenda and Travis took the drive to their new apartment, which is student housing near Travis' school. The pair discussed having kids. Travis wanted three, and Brenda pointed out that having three kids will be expensive. They discussed politics, butting heads over whether Brenda's democratic values or Travis' republican values would be translated to their kids.

The pair was paying a bunch of money for the apartment, but they loved it and were thrilled by the proximity to campus.

Joey and Emma contemplated buying their first house. Well, Emma did, but Joey seemed highly unconvinced. Though she is young, Emma truly understands finances. She gets it; she realizes that many kids her age can't buy homes, but since she and Joey can, they can make an investment, rather than rent. She was also realistic about their price range. What I don't think they realize, though, is the responsibilities that go with a house, but really, who does?

Joey's parents told the camera that his procrastination could be a problem in their marriage, which was a well placed clip, because Joey was clearly procrastinating before the couple met with a mortgage broker. Also, the pair got held up finding all of the documents they needed to meet with the broker.

Emma was clearly frustrated on the car ride, and Joey kept busy with his plate of four sandwiches. I am not even kidding. He had a plate of four sandwiches in the car. That's enough calories to last for at least two meals! Oh! And I think I spotted a continuity error. Joey's plate had four sandwiches, then two, then four again. Interesting!

Emma and Joey seemed overwhelmed by the home buying fees, but Emma was smart about everything - she asked about loan options other than the one she was offered. When the broker didn't provide info about other loans, Emma was understandably upset. Emma was also upset by being rushed through the process.

That was it for today's episode! Next week it looks like we'll see Halie and George discuss kids, Brenda tell Travis her period is late and Emma and Joey discuss adoption.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Episode 2

Teenage Newlyweds is back with its second episode.

George and Halie's parents were positive about their marriage, whereas Joey's parents were more skeptical of his union to Emma, stating that the kids didn't really know what they were getting into. Miriam, Brenda's friend, worried about Brenda and Travis having strong political differences.

George and Halie's car was decorated with condoms, and the pair joked about sex. They told the confessional that they were expecting their first sexual encounter to be a bit of a letdown.

Brenda and Travis waited until marriage to have sex, although Brenda lost her virginity at 15. She was with a guy she thought she'd marry, but he ended up breaking up with her.

Emma and Joey went on a honeymoon to Canada because it's cheaper than Hawaii. Joey told the camera that the pair is having lots of sex. We were told that this is Emma and Joey's first serious relationship, which is good (not my words) because they'll jump in fully and not have broken hearts behind them, but bad because they don't know if there's someone better out there.

George and Halie giggled about their sexual compatibility.

Brenda commented that her first time having sex with Travis was very natural; Travis agreed. The pair reviewed the advice they got at their wedding. They joked about how someone said that Travis is always right and also that Brenda is always right.

Brenda's family discussed why talking about religion or politics can be tricky in a relationship, and if it is discussed, it must be approached respectfully.

George and Halie talked about how she was going to be leaving her family to move to Utah. George emphasized that Hailie is making a sacrifice for love.

Brenda and Travis discussed the money their parents gave them for the wedding and honeymoon. Travis wondered what they'd do with all their wedding gift money, and Brenda reminded him that it would be paying their rent. We then learned that they'd be living apart for three weeks to save money before moving in together.

Brenda's luggage got chosen for a search in the airport, and she was forced to admit she'd brought a vibrator. They chose Mexico for their honeymoon because Brenda can't legally drink in the US.

Joey works at a garden store, and his family wants more for him. They want him to get an education so he can do better.

Emma asked Joey about their next step. Emma suggested a house; Joey said they're comfortable in the rental. Emma offered to take fewer credits at school to earn more, and Joey said he already puts in 40 - 45 hours a week. But really, Joey told the confessional that he doesn't like moving and doesn't want to do it. Emma asked Joey if he'd consider getting a better job, and Joey said he's comfortable at his job. Joey, again, didn't want a change. Emma said that Joey's serious about having a house or kids, he needs to apply himself. Joey essentially made excuses so he wouldn't have to change.

Halie was anxious about leaving home when George would live right near his parents. George had told her they could live by her family if Halie really wants to, but he was afraid she'd go to her family before going to him. She was given the advice that she needs to put George first, but he needs to put her first as well.

Emma and Joey work different hours, along with Emma's school schedule, which made things tough for them. Plus, Emma struggled with Joey not going back to school and not bettering himself.

That was just about it for this episode. It looks like we'll see more conflict next week as Brenda and Travis fight, Emma continues to want Joey to improve, and Halie moves away from her family.