Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Teenage Newlyweds - Series Premiere - Recap & Review

FYI's newest reality show is called Teenage Newlyweds. It follows three young couples as they embark on their lives together. Like with any other reality show, we see the good times, the bad times, and the times that look downright ugly.

Halie & George

We met up with Halie, 18 and George, 21, in Mesa, Arizona. These two are members of The Church of Latter Day Saints. The pair spent two weeks together and Halie made it clear that she wanted to marry George, a former missionary. They determined that they don't want to wait for marriage, likely due in part to the fact that they've pledged abstinence before marriage. Halie is close with her family and is nervous about moving out of their home and to a different state to be with George.

Halie and George admitted that they've only spent two months in each others' presence and don't know each other well, but they know some things about each other, like that George likes good music. Family members were concerned with how fast the relationship moved forward.

George and his friend discussed their limited knowledge of sex, including that the first time can be a big letdown. Most of their info came from an unmarried friend who has no firsthand experience.

George's brother was unable to attend the wedding because he abandoned his Mormon faith, but they were going to have an additional part of the ceremony so he could participate. Unfortunately, his brother could not be found when he was needed.

Brenda & Travis

In Irvine, California, we caught up with Brenda, 19, and Travis, 20. They go to UC Irvine together and both seem very smart. They met through friends and dated for a year before Travis proposed. They are aware that their differences will cause them problems, but due to their commitment to abstinence before marriage, they were eager to enter into wedded bliss.

Brenda and Travis looked forward to having their own place and being married. However, they disagree on key issues, like gay marriage. Brenda is for it, Travis is against it. Abortion is also polarizing for the pair. Their families were concerned about these types of things tearing them apart.

Emma & Joey

We were introduced to Emma, 19 and Joey, 21, in Dallas, Oregon. Joey described his hometown as a redneck town where everyone knows everyone. Joey proposed around Emma's 18th birthday. The pair was encouraged to take premarital counseling but turned it down, which worried their families. After all, they could lack the tools needed to deal with stressful marriage situations.

Joey has no career aspirations, while Emma is in school and aspires to own a bakery. She thinks Joey needs to be more ambitious.

It was noted by family members that the pair thinks that they're independent, but both come from families who support them, so marriage could be a reality check.

Emma said she wants to be with Joey because he makes her feel loved, and it's truly special to her. I can respect that. Young marriage will be tough, but she's following her heart.

The pair had a scare at their wedding when they couldn't find their marriage license. Not a fun adventure on your big day! Joey said Emma forgot it in Joey's car that was at Joey's parents' house. Emma told him to hold up because this clearly wasn't her fault, but the pair seemed to have a good sense of humor about it.

The End of the Episode

At the end of the episode, all three couples went through with their weddings, and their adventures - and ours, on this TV show - are about to begin.


I am biased because I love these kinds of shows, but I like this new endeavor! I think FYI did a good job with the casting for Teenage Newlyweds. We have no expectations of idyllic marriages for these youths - this show is going to be filled with drama, and it will be interesting to learn the fates of the couples as time progresses.

The background music in this episode was fun - there was a song where they spelled out the word gorgeous that was used during Emma's wedding dress scene - that was a fun addition.

I enjoyed that this show was very balanced and painted a realistic view of teenage marriage. There wasn't crazy drama right from the get-go, and all of the couples seem absolutely sincere. The families are accepting even if not 100% thrilled, and they give their kids good advice about what their futures might bring.

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