Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Single Dad Seeking - Episode 1 Review

Single Dad Seeking is one of TLC's new shows. It follows the model of a lot of their shows - contrived versions of things that could otherwise happen in everyday life.

This show follows single dads as their girlfriends, that they've only met online, move in with them over the summer. It's a cute show because the dads are so good with their kids, and that's heartwarming. And the families that were cast are great families; the kids seem like they enjoy being on camera and are okay with the mystery girlfriends joining their households.

First, there's Mike and his son Mikey. Mike's girlfriend Valene would be joining them in their Jersey at shore summer rental. Mike worried that Mikey wouldn't flush the toilet after using the bathroom. Mike and Valene hit it off right away, and Valene noted that there was strong chemistry between the pair. She appreciated that Mike gave her a room of her own, whereas he'd be sharing with his son. Valene touched on the obvious point of the show - that instantly living with a kid is a new concept to someone without children. Valene was awkward with Mikey at first, but I'm sure we'll see progress as the season progresses.

Then there's Jake's kids, Taylor, Tate and Tayva. His girlfriend is named Ami. Jake's kids worried about Ami giving them rules that they don't currently have.

It looks as if the season will show us the ups and downs of these instant families. We'll probably see strong chemistry between the couples, but a lot of strain from having the kids around. It should be interesting. It's worth watching at least a few more episodes to see how it goes. Plus, we'll meet new couples, and we'll see issues like women struggling between feeling like girlfriends and insta-moms.

What I would like to know is how these couples met. In both cases, the women were from New Jersey, so I'm wondering if there was some casting going on with this and the setups were created for the camera. I mean, do you really just get lucky enough to find two couples that have only met online and are willing to share their lives with television cameras?

Well, it's reality television. I shouldn't expect it to be real.

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