Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Married at First Sight - Who Stayed Married?

Married at First Sight concluded tonight, and here are the results.

David and Ashley got a divorce at her request. No surprise there. Not for a second do I think she was invested in the relationship. Sure, David texted that other girl, but I believe he did truly want to learn more about Ashley. She latched onto that as a reason for the divorce. Ashley did make a good point - David was interested in the marriage and it didn't really matter that she was the other person - but still, she wouldn't even try, and he tried so hard.

Tres and Vanessa stayed married. I attribute this to both of them being awesome and really trying. Also, Vanessa's fear of abandonment played a role, I'm sure, but I think they truly go well together.

Here's the surprise - Sam and Neil got divorced. Well, that's not surprising, but the way it happened is. I always assumed that Sam would ask for the divorce, but as it turned out, Sam wanted to stay married and Neil requested the separation. He said he was less happy throughout the relationship than happy. Not that I blame him - Sam made things quite difficult for him, and even though things got better, he still seemed to try harder than she did at most times....and there was a warning sign when Neil said he didn't miss Sam when he traveled.

So, are you surprised? What do you think?

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