Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Married at First Sight - Six Months Later: My Thoughts

I watched Married at First Sight - Six Months Later and took away some key insights.

Sam and Neil tried to make it work but they couldn't. However, they're still technically married and became great friends. They both reflected on what happened and felt like they grew as people.

David learned a lot as well - he realizes where he screwed up and maintains that he wasn't trying to cheat on Ashley when he texted another woman. When asked about the text, he maintained his story about the situation, and I believe him. And he made a great point - he was being filmed, why would he try to cheat when he's being filmed 24/7?

Ashley seemed to show minimal remorse, if any at all, about her actions. She was stuck on the fact that David had texted that other woman - she clung to it as an excuse for her actions. She also maintained that she wasn't getting the space she needed, which was a part of her marriage's downfall. I will give her credit for that - David was in from day one, probably in a stronger way than he should have been - but she in turn refused to open up at all. It was notable when she left the room with the therapist that she didn't hug her or show any emotion, whereas the other participants hugged the therapist. Ashley continued to come off as cold, and refused to speak to David.

As much as I was not surprised by Sam and Neil and David and Ashley, I was surprised to hear that Tres and Vanessa had big problems. After a big fight, Tres told Vanessa that he didn't have romantic feelings for her. Vanessa still had hope for the relationship.

In the interview with Tres, he said that he and Vanessa had been moving forward, but he felt like he had to keep proving himself and got burnt out. Plus, they let intimacy die out and that made Vanessa question herself. Communication started to fall through.

Both Tres and Vanessa got emotional in their interviews, and both admitted that they care about each other.

The two got together to speak to the therapist. It was nice to hear that they care about each other and are open to apologizing, and I truly believe that they could make their relationship work if they wanted to do so.

I was bummed to hear about Tres and Vanessa not staying together, I'm glad Sam and Neil can be friends, and I'm 0% surprised that David and Ashley ended up where they did. I hope David is able to find someone who deserves him because he seems like a really great guy.

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