Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn - Episode 2, 3/23/16

Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn opened up with more of Sister Patterson acting crazy and Tiffany (New York) acting rationally. As such, Dr. Jenn called Tiffany in to talk. Dr. Jenn said that she thinks Sister Patterson is afraid that Tiffany might learn how to speak up for herself, and therefore, against her. Tiffany admitted that she has to agree with her mom, even when she doesn't want to. Sister Patterson eventually realizes that per Dr. Jenn's ultimatum, she has to work on her relationship with Tiffany or get out, so she'd make it work.

While this was reassuring, it took a step back when Sister Patterson told Michael Lohan that his ex-wife Dina had a bad aura about her. I'm not stating my opinion on Dina and Michael, but it wasn't a great way to start off a relationship in the home.

Next, the families had to talk about their darkest moments. April Margera went first, and she said it was two Christmas Eves ago. April set the Christmas tree, but Bam was drinking, screaming in April's face and threw the tree. He told his mom that he'd die before April did. Now April hates holidays that she used to love. Bam said that he doesn't want anything new or gifts from his mom. He doesn't want things or to meet new people. He talked about wanting to die. It was sad to hear about his intense depression, and how he feels lost, hopeless and shameful.

Dina Lohan was next. She said her divorce was her hardest moment, but then talked about the abuse from Michael. Michael retorted that Dina embellishes stories and makes him the bad guy. Michael said Dina will never admit any fault, and Michael's tired of the perception Dina's put of him into the media.

Michael Lohan said the divorce was also his darkest moment. He regretted hitting someone who's name was bleeped out for smoking crack. He admitted that he hit Dina, but not in the way that was portrayed to the public. Michael was concerned about how the kids would react to hearing about this on TV and say he's lying.

So far, the Dina / Michael drama can be summed up as this:

Michael: Dina lies!
Dina: Michael lies!

Michael got so upset that he left the room, calling Dina evil on his way out.

Tiffany was next. She couldn't define her darkest moment, but Dr. Jenn suggested that it was her mother hitting her. Sister Patterson defended herself, saying that's her right, but Dr. Jenn says an adult cannot hit another adult. Tiffany says she tucks things away because if her mom hears about things, it'll cause problems.

Dr. Jenn talked to Michael Lohan and convinced him to give therapy a try. Then, she gave everyone a heads up that a family in crisis would be coming in. She announced that it will be a family of three, and the houseguests conferred. From what we saw, nobody guessed right - it's music, movie and clothing mogul Damon Dash and his family. Things crashed down  for him when Jay-Z and Damon ended their friendship. Damon wouldn't share a room with his two brothers. Damon was so unhappy that he'd be sleeping on a twin size bed.

In a turn of "WTF", Sister Patterson complained that Damon and his family better not interrupt the flow in the house. Literally, Sister Patterson is doing exactly that. Hypocritical, for sure.

Michael talked more with April about how Dina stole money from Lindsay, which is why she was fired as her manager. He reiterated again - Dina lies and has done cocaine. Michael said Dina believes her own lies at this point. April, who is sweet, said she feels bad for both of them.

Michael brought the shirt he got for Dina that says "Deny Everything" to her and stormed off. Bam thought he might have quit the show.

And that was it for today's episode of Couples Therapy. It looks like we'll see a war between Sister Patterson and Tiffany on next week's episode.

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