Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bride and Prejudice - A Review

I wanted to love FYI's new show, Bride and Prejudice. I ended up liking it, but not being as enthralled as I hoped to be. Still, it was good.

Here's the thing - the show wasn't bad, but it didn't do anything that made me want to see it through.

A good part of the show is that the couples are likable. Chris and Lou are a gay couple who seem like a fantastic match. Briana and Adam, who seem like a lot of fun, are interracial. And Eugene and Samantha are Jewish and Christian respectively, and his parents are angry that he's marrying a non-Jewish woman.

The bad part is how contrived this show seems. All couples are announcing their engagements just weeks ahead of their weddings, and the premise of the show is to see how the families react. But it's not as if the families didn't know these pairs were dating - I mean, Samantha and Eugene have a kid together.

A lot of the shock from the families was more about "Oh my gosh, you're getting married in five weeks?!?" versus the actual relationships. Samantha's dad was more concerned about whether he'd understand the Jewish wedding ceremony than the fact that they were having a Jewish wedding. Samantha's dad fumbled a lot when describing why Jews and Christians should get along, but he tried. I give him credit.

The plus side of this show is that you see real emotions, whether they are fair or not. For example, when Chris' mom told him he'd be judged by his marriage to a man, you could see her anguish, which is sad. But it's hard to feel bad for her because her son, and his fiance, seem like great people, and Chris' life will be hard enough without her added judgment. I can understand her, though, to a point - she stands by her husband, who is so against this marriage that he wouldn't even meet with Chris when the rest of the family did.

Even with Adam, interracial dating wasn't a surprise - Adam has dated non-Caucasian people before, and even has a child with a black woman. Yes, his dad used to be racist, but it seems like he's moved past that at this time. Both Briana and Adam's dad handled their meeting really well. And you could see that Jack (Adam's dad) was trying really hard.

Eugene's family totally freaked when he said he was marrying Samantha. It was so crazy. They were like, Jews marry Jews, that's it! I understand what they mean because of what they lost due to their religion, but Samantha's so open to having a Jewish wedding and Judaism in general, it seems. But seriously, whether or not they agree with Eugene's decision, Samantha and Eugene have a child together. Isn't that the most important thing? His family was asking if it's too fast, but doesn't that go out the window after they have a kid together?

This show was okay - I enjoyed watching it but I'm not sure I'll watch it through the season. One thing's for sure - these couples are all great and I wish them the best.

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Anonymous said...

I found the show interesting but got too busy to watch the end. The gay couple's story line was least interesting to me. I was surprised that not once did anyone point out the 12-year age difference in the interracial couple. That alone is a challenge!