Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn - Episode 2, 3/23/16

Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn opened up with more of Sister Patterson acting crazy and Tiffany (New York) acting rationally. As such, Dr. Jenn called Tiffany in to talk. Dr. Jenn said that she thinks Sister Patterson is afraid that Tiffany might learn how to speak up for herself, and therefore, against her. Tiffany admitted that she has to agree with her mom, even when she doesn't want to. Sister Patterson eventually realizes that per Dr. Jenn's ultimatum, she has to work on her relationship with Tiffany or get out, so she'd make it work.

While this was reassuring, it took a step back when Sister Patterson told Michael Lohan that his ex-wife Dina had a bad aura about her. I'm not stating my opinion on Dina and Michael, but it wasn't a great way to start off a relationship in the home.

Next, the families had to talk about their darkest moments. April Margera went first, and she said it was two Christmas Eves ago. April set the Christmas tree, but Bam was drinking, screaming in April's face and threw the tree. He told his mom that he'd die before April did. Now April hates holidays that she used to love. Bam said that he doesn't want anything new or gifts from his mom. He doesn't want things or to meet new people. He talked about wanting to die. It was sad to hear about his intense depression, and how he feels lost, hopeless and shameful.

Dina Lohan was next. She said her divorce was her hardest moment, but then talked about the abuse from Michael. Michael retorted that Dina embellishes stories and makes him the bad guy. Michael said Dina will never admit any fault, and Michael's tired of the perception Dina's put of him into the media.

Michael Lohan said the divorce was also his darkest moment. He regretted hitting someone who's name was bleeped out for smoking crack. He admitted that he hit Dina, but not in the way that was portrayed to the public. Michael was concerned about how the kids would react to hearing about this on TV and say he's lying.

So far, the Dina / Michael drama can be summed up as this:

Michael: Dina lies!
Dina: Michael lies!

Michael got so upset that he left the room, calling Dina evil on his way out.

Tiffany was next. She couldn't define her darkest moment, but Dr. Jenn suggested that it was her mother hitting her. Sister Patterson defended herself, saying that's her right, but Dr. Jenn says an adult cannot hit another adult. Tiffany says she tucks things away because if her mom hears about things, it'll cause problems.

Dr. Jenn talked to Michael Lohan and convinced him to give therapy a try. Then, she gave everyone a heads up that a family in crisis would be coming in. She announced that it will be a family of three, and the houseguests conferred. From what we saw, nobody guessed right - it's music, movie and clothing mogul Damon Dash and his family. Things crashed down  for him when Jay-Z and Damon ended their friendship. Damon wouldn't share a room with his two brothers. Damon was so unhappy that he'd be sleeping on a twin size bed.

In a turn of "WTF", Sister Patterson complained that Damon and his family better not interrupt the flow in the house. Literally, Sister Patterson is doing exactly that. Hypocritical, for sure.

Michael talked more with April about how Dina stole money from Lindsay, which is why she was fired as her manager. He reiterated again - Dina lies and has done cocaine. Michael said Dina believes her own lies at this point. April, who is sweet, said she feels bad for both of them.

Michael brought the shirt he got for Dina that says "Deny Everything" to her and stormed off. Bam thought he might have quit the show.

And that was it for today's episode of Couples Therapy. It looks like we'll see a war between Sister Patterson and Tiffany on next week's episode.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Recap - Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn on VH1 - Season 1, Episode 1

VH1 has given us Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn for years, and now Dr. Jenn has moved onto Family Therapy.

The people featured are as follows:

Michelle "Sister" Patterson and Tiffany Pollard from Flavor of Love and I Love New York fame. Tiffany is crushed by her overbearing mother. Tiffany moved across the country to be far away from her mother. In a super creepy turn of events, Tiffany said she wants a son, and her mom said she'd take the kid away from her.

This pair arrived first, and Tiffany hated that there was no alcohol in the house. Sister Patterson was mad that she had to sleep in a twin bed. Sister Patterson went on to say that Dina Lohan is venomous, which may not be wrong, but is at least a little hypocritical from this drama mama.

Michael and Dina Lohan, parents of Lindsay Lohan, and people who love the spotlight. Michael said Dina treated the kids like pawns; Dina said there was abuse in the house. Michael wants to clear his name, but did admit to hitting Dina.

The Dash brothers, including Damon Dash, who barely communicate. We'll see them next week.

Brittany and Briana DeJesus, who appeared on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3. Brittany had an abortion while Briana had her baby. Their mom helps to take care of baby Nova, and Brittany feels left out because of her decision. The pair arrived in the house and connected well with April Margera, noted below.

Bam Margera and his mom April Margera rounded out the group, and this was a heavy one - Bam is struggling with alcoholism. He was a mess when we first saw him on the show - he told us about how he punched out a porch window because he didn't feel like he deserved it. His hand was bleeding like crazy. His mom was understandably concerned about his life, as he is both an alcoholic and suicidal. Things took a turn for the worse after Bam's costar and friend passed away in a car accident.

The group got together for their first process group with Dr. Jenn. She was joined by Dr. Christian Conte.

Dina spoke first and mentioned all of the mental and physical abuse that happened early in their marriage. Michael contested this, saying Dina's taking a small set of situations and making them seem like they happened much more frequently. Michael called Dina a pathological liar, saying that Dina did drugs, even though she says she never did.

Dr. Jenn stepped in to help guide the pair, and Sister Patterson stepped in as if she knew better.

Tiffany was called upon next, but said she didn't feel like talking because she didn't know anyone and felt exposed. Tiffany said she didn't want to be part of a group, and Dr. Conte gave a look that said this is totally ridiculous. Sister Patterson stepped in and criticized Dr. Jenn, saying that you don't do a group session on day one and told Dr. Jenn she should have met everyone one-on-one. She continued by saying that Dr. Jenn is being unprofessional. Then some more back and forth happened and Sister Patterson walked out of the room.

Back with Dr. Jenn, April Margera tried to talk about finding peace for her son, but Sister Patterson was screaming in the background about male cameramen and Dr. Conte entering her room without knocking.

Dr. Jenn eventually went to the room and Sister Patterson continued to go off about Dr. Conte entering her room. She didn't even realize he was her therapist. Dr. Jenn said Sister Patterson was being disrespectful and she couldn't accept that. Tiffany agreed that her mom was being overdramatic and disrespectful, and she didn't even know why she was mad.

I was initially skeptical about this show, but I am so watching this season of Family Therapy. Sister Patterson is absolutely bananas, and we will be seeing a lot of that over the next few weeks!

Bride and Prejudice - A Review

I wanted to love FYI's new show, Bride and Prejudice. I ended up liking it, but not being as enthralled as I hoped to be. Still, it was good.

Here's the thing - the show wasn't bad, but it didn't do anything that made me want to see it through.

A good part of the show is that the couples are likable. Chris and Lou are a gay couple who seem like a fantastic match. Briana and Adam, who seem like a lot of fun, are interracial. And Eugene and Samantha are Jewish and Christian respectively, and his parents are angry that he's marrying a non-Jewish woman.

The bad part is how contrived this show seems. All couples are announcing their engagements just weeks ahead of their weddings, and the premise of the show is to see how the families react. But it's not as if the families didn't know these pairs were dating - I mean, Samantha and Eugene have a kid together.

A lot of the shock from the families was more about "Oh my gosh, you're getting married in five weeks?!?" versus the actual relationships. Samantha's dad was more concerned about whether he'd understand the Jewish wedding ceremony than the fact that they were having a Jewish wedding. Samantha's dad fumbled a lot when describing why Jews and Christians should get along, but he tried. I give him credit.

The plus side of this show is that you see real emotions, whether they are fair or not. For example, when Chris' mom told him he'd be judged by his marriage to a man, you could see her anguish, which is sad. But it's hard to feel bad for her because her son, and his fiance, seem like great people, and Chris' life will be hard enough without her added judgment. I can understand her, though, to a point - she stands by her husband, who is so against this marriage that he wouldn't even meet with Chris when the rest of the family did.

Even with Adam, interracial dating wasn't a surprise - Adam has dated non-Caucasian people before, and even has a child with a black woman. Yes, his dad used to be racist, but it seems like he's moved past that at this time. Both Briana and Adam's dad handled their meeting really well. And you could see that Jack (Adam's dad) was trying really hard.

Eugene's family totally freaked when he said he was marrying Samantha. It was so crazy. They were like, Jews marry Jews, that's it! I understand what they mean because of what they lost due to their religion, but Samantha's so open to having a Jewish wedding and Judaism in general, it seems. But seriously, whether or not they agree with Eugene's decision, Samantha and Eugene have a child together. Isn't that the most important thing? His family was asking if it's too fast, but doesn't that go out the window after they have a kid together?

This show was okay - I enjoyed watching it but I'm not sure I'll watch it through the season. One thing's for sure - these couples are all great and I wish them the best.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Married at First Sight - Six Months Later: My Thoughts

I watched Married at First Sight - Six Months Later and took away some key insights.

Sam and Neil tried to make it work but they couldn't. However, they're still technically married and became great friends. They both reflected on what happened and felt like they grew as people.

David learned a lot as well - he realizes where he screwed up and maintains that he wasn't trying to cheat on Ashley when he texted another woman. When asked about the text, he maintained his story about the situation, and I believe him. And he made a great point - he was being filmed, why would he try to cheat when he's being filmed 24/7?

Ashley seemed to show minimal remorse, if any at all, about her actions. She was stuck on the fact that David had texted that other woman - she clung to it as an excuse for her actions. She also maintained that she wasn't getting the space she needed, which was a part of her marriage's downfall. I will give her credit for that - David was in from day one, probably in a stronger way than he should have been - but she in turn refused to open up at all. It was notable when she left the room with the therapist that she didn't hug her or show any emotion, whereas the other participants hugged the therapist. Ashley continued to come off as cold, and refused to speak to David.

As much as I was not surprised by Sam and Neil and David and Ashley, I was surprised to hear that Tres and Vanessa had big problems. After a big fight, Tres told Vanessa that he didn't have romantic feelings for her. Vanessa still had hope for the relationship.

In the interview with Tres, he said that he and Vanessa had been moving forward, but he felt like he had to keep proving himself and got burnt out. Plus, they let intimacy die out and that made Vanessa question herself. Communication started to fall through.

Both Tres and Vanessa got emotional in their interviews, and both admitted that they care about each other.

The two got together to speak to the therapist. It was nice to hear that they care about each other and are open to apologizing, and I truly believe that they could make their relationship work if they wanted to do so.

I was bummed to hear about Tres and Vanessa not staying together, I'm glad Sam and Neil can be friends, and I'm 0% surprised that David and Ashley ended up where they did. I hope David is able to find someone who deserves him because he seems like a really great guy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Married at First Sight - Who Stayed Married?

Married at First Sight concluded tonight, and here are the results.

David and Ashley got a divorce at her request. No surprise there. Not for a second do I think she was invested in the relationship. Sure, David texted that other girl, but I believe he did truly want to learn more about Ashley. She latched onto that as a reason for the divorce. Ashley did make a good point - David was interested in the marriage and it didn't really matter that she was the other person - but still, she wouldn't even try, and he tried so hard.

Tres and Vanessa stayed married. I attribute this to both of them being awesome and really trying. Also, Vanessa's fear of abandonment played a role, I'm sure, but I think they truly go well together.

Here's the surprise - Sam and Neil got divorced. Well, that's not surprising, but the way it happened is. I always assumed that Sam would ask for the divorce, but as it turned out, Sam wanted to stay married and Neil requested the separation. He said he was less happy throughout the relationship than happy. Not that I blame him - Sam made things quite difficult for him, and even though things got better, he still seemed to try harder than she did at most times....and there was a warning sign when Neil said he didn't miss Sam when he traveled.

So, are you surprised? What do you think?