Tuesday, January 5, 2016

South of Wilshire - A Review of This Fun New Game Show

In the new TMZ-created show South of Wilshire, host Adam Glyn travels around the neighborhood south of Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles and talks to people at local businesses about their celebrity sightings. The people at each location give clues about celebrities that have come into their stores, and contestants have to guess the celebrity being discussed.

This fast paced show is fun to watch. It's got a great combination - fun hosts (Glyn and his co-host Raquel), spirited contestants and the appeal of celebrity trivia. The show follows a Jeopardy like format, with questions being asked of the contestants with the winner getting money, followed by a round where the contestants can wager cash on a tougher question.

Following that, the contestants get more questions, this time with the chance to win a larger sum of cash. And following that, a celebrity gives clues about him or herself, but with their voice disguised. Each contestant guesses (again, like Final Jeopardy) and person who has the most money at the end wins.

So, why do I like this show? It moves fast. Adam Glyn talks at the speed of light, and I mean it in a good way. He packs a ton into this half hour show. And there are some unintentionally funny moments too, like when somebody guessed Drake when asked about a celebrity who goes by his Hebrew name. It's a good guess, but Drake is definitely not a Hebrew name. Matisyahu, on the other hand, totally is.

Is this show worth watching? Yeah, it is! It's fun, light and fluffy, and it's really entertaining. So give South of Wilshire a try!

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Unknown said...

Show is a bunch of bull... Shouldn't last long..