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90 Day Fiance Season Finale & Tell-All - 12/6/15

Here's the recap of the finale!

Mark and Nikki

The pair celebrated Nikki's birthday, although Nikki was still a little upset about the prenup. Mark made things better for Nikki by giving her a 'real' engagement ring - a diamond one. Nikki was very happy to receive that for her 20th birthday. She said it proved that Mark loves her.

The pair went to Hawaii for their wedding. Mark maintained that he still doesn't want kids. Nikki said she's hurt by it but she's giving that up because she loves him. Nikki said later that she was confused because she really wants kids.

Nikki was 40 minutes late for her wedding to Mark. She did show up, though, and Mark said she looked stunning in her dress. Mark told Nikki that he knew she was his destiny. Nikki looked genuinely happy after the wedding.

Alexei and Loren

Alexei's mom and brother came in for the wedding. Alexei was still concerned about having only 90 days to get married. His friend, Schuyler, who he met on a Birthright trip, tried to keep him calm. Loren and her mom decided to put their fight behind them. I have to say - I was underwhelmed by Loren's dress. I expected something much more glamorous.

Both Alexei and Loren looked happy at their ceremony. After the ceremony, Loren commented that they'd get to have sex that night. I guess she was waiting for marriage! Alexei made that seem like an afterthought when Loren said it - it was kind of funny.

Fernando and Carolina

Carolina struggled to adjust to life in America. Fernando's friend questioned if he really wanted to go through with the wedding. Fernando's mom had a nice moment where she welcomed Carolina as her daughter. The pair would be having a small wedding now and would save a bigger wedding for later. Her family watched the wedding via Skype. Carolina looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding. Both Fernando and Carolina looked truly happy.

Melanie and Devar

Melanie's nerves kicked in before the wedding, and her sister Bev said she doesn't trust Devar. Devar shared a nice pre-wedding moment with Hunter. Devar said he was happy that is mom approves of his relationship. Bev's face clearly showed that when Devar and Melanie joined together in the church. Devar cried while the pair shared their vows. Hunter made a cute speech and said that he's glad his mom is happy and he wants to see how Devar handles the winter. Even Bev was convinced by the end of the wedding that Mel and Devar's love is real.

Now for some highlights from the tell-all:

- Mark was really serious about Nikki putting fingerprints on the car windows. He still is, in the recap. Nikki said Mark's not controlling, but Mark couldn't let it go - he asked the host if she'd let her kids put fingerprints on the windows. Mark tried to back himself out of what he said, but it kind of failed. Basically, Nikki hasn't loosened him up.

- Melanie says she doesn't have to answer to anyone regarding why she let a guy she met on vacation shack up with her and her son.

- Mark ignores criticism from social media. He said people who say horrible things on social media have things in common - they're overweight, they're women, they're alone and they're jealous. Whooooaaaa.

- Loren said she's not the spoiled brat that people think she is. She owns the fact that she's dramatic.

- Aleksandra said she taught Josh not to think so much and be more easygoing.

- Loren looked like she was making faces every time Mark spoke.

- Devar understood the criticism he received from Melanie's family.

- Noon said she'd leave the US if it wasn't for Kyle and she has asked him to move to her country.

- Alexei wants to pursue a medical career and Loren still doesn't love it because it's dangerous. When asked how his family's doing, Alexei says they're okay and his brother is stepping up.

- It turns out that Alexei had a bachelor party in Israel and there were strippers. Loren freaked out when she found out and said she's cancelling the wedding - she'd reacted the same way Alexei did about her bachelorette party. They were over the fight about the bachelorette party, but they almost skipped the tell-all so they wouldn't have to discuss it. They hope to get married again in Israel, but Loren would never move there.

- Fernando's mom and Carolina are friends now.

- Devar says he misses his mom, and while they've only visited her once, he made it clear that it would be more frequent. Melanie felt that there is racism around her but people don't say it to her face.

- Devar backtracked about his comments about sending 9 or his 10 dollars to Jamaica. He said he was being sarcastic. He's now saying that he needs the money in the US when he can work so he and Melanie can have kids. She said that Bev still trusts Devar and they're now friends.

- Nikki feels like she can truly be herself with Mark. Mark has a comfort level with Nikki. Nikki and Elise are now friends. Mark's other kids are nice and accepting of Nikki. Mark said he was initially looking for a younger woman (although older than Nikki) because they have less baggage. Mark said American women were too independent. He thinks Filipino women want to be team players. Nikki's family had concerns about Mark but her father had a heart-to-heart with Mark which cleared it up. Mark had to promise to treat Nikki like a daughter, but it's supposed to mean Mark should take care of her.

- Nikki cried talking about how she misses her family. As Nikki tried to talk about it, Mark talked over her.

- Nikki was asked if she is okay not having kids, and Mark tried to answer for her. When the host asked Nikki to answer, she said she still has a little hope. Mark said the chances may go up a bit. Nikki said she doesn't think about the prenup anymore and was relaxed after she signed it. She insisted she and Mark are both happy and she prays that they'll remain happy.

- Aleksandra knew her lifestyle needed help when she was a party girl and missionaries helped her to change. Josh said when he met Aleksanda, she was a good person but she didn't believe in God. She was willing to change.

- Kyle was raised to be independent, and he moved out of his dad's house at 16. Kyle's mom called during the reception but Kyle was clearly hurt that she didn't make it to the wedding. Noon fills the voids left by Kyle's absent parents. He thanked her for caring.

- Josh and Aleksanda said there wedding night was perfect.

- Josh is now able to see the good in people the way he couldn't before.

- There was a pop quiz. When it comes to marriages, Kyle and Noon say Kyle's in charge. Alexei and Loren say both, Carolina and Fernando, as well as Melanie and Devar, both voted for themselves. Nikki said Mark but Mark said he aims to please. Josh said Aleksandra, Aleksandra said both.

- Which one is more likely to initiate sex - Loren and Alexei said Alexei. (Did Loren spell spell Alexei as Alexey?) Josh and Aleksandra didn't really answer, saying I don't know (Aleksandra) and I plead the fifth (Josh). Noon and Kyle said Kyle. Fernando and Carolina each chose themselves. Melanie chose Devar, Devar left it blank. Mark says it stays in the bedroom, Nikki said 50/50.

And for a surprise...Aleksandra is pregnant! This shouldn't be a surprise but it is! Aleksandra insinuated that she was surprised but they are happy.

The other couples plan to wait before pursuing kids, aside from Nikki, who still is being told that she can't.

Season four of 90 Day Fiance will be back next year. YEA!

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