Friday, November 27, 2015

Sears Shop Your Way Rewards Down - 11/27/15

Yes, this is a reality TV blog, and yes, this is off topic. But if you are trying to shop today, Black Friday 2015, you may be incredibly disappointed if you go to Sears.

I shopped at Sears today, only to find out that Shop Your Way rewards were not working. So what did that mean? That meant that the store couldn't look up my rewards points, couldn't give me rewards points and couldn't give me proper sale prices. So if you purchased anything today, check your receipt - we got screwed and had to get back in the eternal line for price adjustments.

Coupons also weren't printing out until our final purchase (we made three) so we couldn't even use them today. We would have used them to buy more but we did not.

Here's what went down. We bought a bunch of stuff, and I noticed that the Star Wars tank top I was buying as a gift rang up at $11.99 instead of the $8.99 advertised sale price. (Side note - if you like Star Wars, they literally have everything Star, everything.) So I went to check the price and saw it was supposed to be $8.99. I got a price adjustment. Then I tried to buy some sweaters (we had gift card money left over that I wanted to use) and realized again, the sale price wasn't ringing up. Then it hits me - the price was $15.99 but marked down to $13.99 for Shop Your Way members. Since Shop Your Way was down, nobody was getting the sales prices. Sears screwed people over on Black Friday and the employees - and probably customers - didn't realize it!

So if you shopped at Sears today, check your receipts carefully. You may have been cheated out of savings owed to you.

My husband thinks that this was done intentionally by Sears so people wouldn't call in to claim their reward points and Sears wouldn't have to honor their sales. I'm not convinced of this, but I don't think Sears was in a rush to fix the problem.

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