Friday, November 13, 2015

Project Runway Junior - Did The Concept Work?

Today, I watched the first episode of Project Runway Junior. I was initially skeptical of the show, as spinoffs of this type don't always work, but I am so glad I gave it a chance. It was great!

Project Runway Junior was so much fun to watch. Why? Because it was fun, interesting and positive. The participants are talented and likable. They've got varied design aesthetics and backgrounds. And they seem like cool people! I can't believe the maturity and stylistic knowledge that these kids have, and the youngest is only 13 years old.

I had my favorite participants right from the get-go. First is Maya, who at thirteen years old, is wise and talented beyond her years. She seems so driven and confident - and she's humble, too - she admitted when Tim Gunn used a word she didn't understand. I also think Matt is fantastic because, well, he just is. He seems like he's so much fun, and his style matches his personality.

There certainly were cringeworthy moments. One of the participants. Sami, said she's making a dress for an older woman, like one in her thirties. Ouch. To be young and think that your thirties are old!

If you're skipping this show because you think it'll be a watered down version of Project Runway, please understand that this is not the case. The first challenge was just as difficult as a challenge given to the kids' adult counterparts, and they have to do the exact same work.

We learned that the winner of the show would get a scholarship to FIDM, $25,000 to launch their line and some other stuff. Success would be judged by former PR contestant Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and fashion director Aya Kanai. Tim Gunn isn't a judge, but he will have a save to keep a contestant of his choice.

As the designs came down the runway, you could hear the kids reacting positively to the outfits. It was so nice to hear the support.

Sami, Maya, Zach, Samantha, Victoria and Jaxson were called forward at the end. Everyone else was safe.

Jaxson designed an outfit with buildings on the back in fun colors, and the judges ate it up. The judges loved that it was literal.

Zach was advised to be careful of his pleating and that his outfit looked dated.

Samantha was inspired by the casual vs. work looks in New York. She was told that her outfit looked expensive. The simplicity won her points.

Victoria was criticized for not including the details on her skirt all the way around.

Maya got complimented for the movement of her look.

Sami was inspired by taxis and that inspired the back of her dress. She had construction issues with her dress, and was criticized for adding volume to a woman's waist, where she won't want it.

In the end, Samatha took the win for a chic, modern and cool design, and we said goodbye to Sami, the first casualty of Project Runway Junior.

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