Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Show on TLC - Coach Charming

TLC gave us a new show tonight called Coach Charming. It's about Bill Alverson, a divorced lawyer who is a world class pageant coach.

Bill is an intense coach. He noted that it's tough to switch from teen pageants to miss pageants, and proved this by asking a girl, Lexi Collins, who was trying to convert to the miss pageant circuit about politics. When she stumbled on her answers, he told her she's got a lot to learn.

Bill has a larger than life personality. His kids seemed somewhat horrified by his self tanning habits and his desire to exercise by the pool. They were also shocked by his idea for a family portrait before his grandchild is born - everybody jumping into the pool in their bathing suits.

I have to admit that Bill knows what he's talking about. When he saw Lexi tap dance, he ripped her dancing apart, although nicely. He told Lexi that her dancing was too childish, yet she made things too sexy.

Bill gave us some insight into some of the contestants he's worked with - they don't always the most talent, but he makes sure they draw you in; they've got to find their it factor and they can be winners.

My opinion on this show? I love it. It's funny, it's awkward, it's ridiculous. It's got a grown man showing young ladies how to pivot and rock out a pageant stage. It features someone who's larger-than-life, his more reserved family and the women who he makes into pageant stars. If there's one thing TLC knows how to do, it's pageant-related television, and this show is a winner for TLC. Is it the best show ever? Not by any stretch. But it's a heck of a lot better than TLC's other new show, Ballroom Blitz, and it does feature a guy trying to talk to his daughter-in-law about kegel exercises. Awkward!

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