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90 Day Fiance Recap - 11/29/15

Alexei and Loren

Loren prepared to celebrate her bachelorette party. Her friend Sarah came in and did not get a great impression of Alexei. He warned that he didn't want any strippers. There were, of course, strippers, because Sarah stuck with her plan. Loren was nervous but excited. Loren was announced to be a virgin (not sure if that's true!) and got a lap dance. Alexei texted her, she got upset and Sarah called Alexei to tell him to relax. He did not take it well.

The next morning, Loren wasn't back and Alexei was still upset. Loren's dad Bryan said he spoke to Loren and she insisted it was innocent. Alexei said he doesn't know where they stand and now there's a trust issue. Bryan said they both have to learn how to move on. There needs to be trust for the marriage to work.

Alexei went out for the day that Loren came home. Loren's mom said the things she's concerned about are coming true. Loren's mom asked how Loren was going into a marriage where Alexei won't talk to her. She said there's a problem here and unless Loren and Alexei fix it, there won't be a wedding. Loren lashed out and said that her mom and dad are miserable, which her mom denied. She then said her mom gets involved where she shouldn't.

Okay, so, some commentary on the event that happened above - some people will call Loren ungrateful and spoiled, or maybe call her mom over-involved. But I will tell you, I understand the culture that she comes from, and this relationship can be very normal. It doesn't mean Loren and her mom don't love each other; it's the culture that Loren grew up with. I'm not defending it, but that's the way some families interact. Some mothers can have strong opinions, and in this case, the feelings she has are not without merit. As for Loren, she knows her family better than any of us do, so give her a break - she lashed out because of emotion. Anyway, back to the recap...

Loren and Alexei were both home finally and Alexei would barely speak to Loren. Loren said she's confused but Alexei said he wasn't. Alexei asked Loren to step outside. Loren said she's concerned that Alexei doesn't trust her. It turns out that Alexei blamed Loren for going along with the plan to go to the strip club, even though she didn't plan it. Alexei felt disrespected even though Loren said she behaved. They talked in circles for a while. Alexei said he looked at flights to go home. Loren was floored. Loren said she still wants to marry Alexei but he has to figure out if he wants to marry her.

What this looks like to me is Alexei getting caught up in his emotions. He's never seemed 100% sure about his decision to come to America, and this was his way of finding a way out if he wants it. It's about Loren, sure, but it's also about Alexei's insecurity in his decision and him looking for an out if he wants it. And when Loren told him to make a decision, he had to really decide what he wanted. He said that he does want to marry her, otherwise he would have left. He said he chose to move on from the incident and he wants to get married. Loren expressed concern that Alexei would want to run back to Israel every time they fight, and Alexei wished they had more than 90 days to get married.

Kyle and Noon

Kyle and Noon went to see Kyle's mom, who he hadn't seen in ten years and who has a drinking problem. They met at Kyle's aunt Missy's place. Kyle and his mom, Lisa, seemed to get along superficially at first, although Kyle didn't tell Noon about his mom's problem. That being said, Noon sensed that something was wrong. Kyle immediately wanted to leave.

Later, Lisa was acting out of line - she asked Noon if she was only with Kyle to be in America, citing offensive examples of people who had done that. It seemed as if Lisa was drinking a lot before and during this exchange. Kyle was disappointed that his mom couldn't control herself; Noon was disappointed that Kyle hadn't disclosed his mom's problems to her.

The couple's wedding day arrived. They were having it at a Thai Buddhist temple. Noon was wearing a traditional Thai wedding dress. Kyle tried to stay calm as Noon got ready. He hoped his mom would show up, despite their differences. Unfortunately, she did not.

It was a beautiful wedding, full of Kyle's family and friends. Noon felt happy and welcomed into her new culture. The pair was so happy.

Mark and Nikki

Nikki looked online and found an $8 wedding dress. Mark encouraged her to buy a couple of dresses. He also asked her questions about where she'd like to be married. She was sad that her family couldn't attend the wedding.

Mark wanted to keep Nikki happy so he took her wedding dress shopping in New York. Nikki found a dress she loved but was shocked by the $2,300 price tag. She was concerned about Mark wanting to pay for it. Mark gave some excuses against the dress, saying they are having a beach wedding. I loved how the salesperson said, "The dress is only $2,300." Nice semantics. Mark said the dress was too much money for a wedding that nobody was invited to. Nikki clearly was sad and Mark said that Nikki has to think about it. She looked down sadly. The bridal consultant said she doesn't know if Nikki wants to marry Mark.

This is such a tricky couple - Nikki sometimes seems wise beyond her years, saying Mark should keep the past in the past, but sometimes so young (which she is) - not knowing if she can live a life without kids and things of the sort. She seems to be controlled by Mark in many ways, even though he says she's welcome to leave.

Mark brought up that he wants a prenup and Nikki got upset. She said Mark is doing this because of his past. He said Nikki would need a lawyer to review it and that she has to sign it or they wouldn't get married.

The lawyer met with Nikki, and he questioned their age difference. He also said the prenup is a dagger in Nikki's back and she can't sign it. It leaves her with nothing. It gives Mark all the power and leaves no money or anything to Nikki. The lawyer advised Nikki to tell Mark it is too one sided to sign, and otherwise she won't get married. Nikki said she didn't think Mark would make any changes.

Nikki talked to Mark about the attorney meeting. Mark disagreed with the attorney's assessment, saying that money that Nikki makes will be hers. Nikki said there's no reward for her staying married to Mark. Mark said her reward is the fact that Mark is supporting her and providing a roof over her head. Mark said that Nikki can sign the prenup and they'll move forward. If Nikki refused, she'd have to go home. Mark pressed on Nikki, saying that she agreed to a prenup on their first date. She said she didn't understand what it was at the time. Nikki asked why Mark can't trust her; he made it clear Nikki has no choice. Nikki gave in and signed the paper.

Mark was so controlling in this situation - I understand that he has to protect himself, but he's being very unfair to Nikki - at least make sure she won't be out on the streets if they get separated!

Fernando and Carolina

Fernando made Carolina a nice breakfast after the less-than-perfect first meal with his mom. Carolina seemed concerned about sharing the house with Fernando's parents but was willing to try. Carolina referenced that Fernando has cheated before and she's looking around to make sure he's not cheating anymore. She came across women's underwear and confronted Fernando. He insisted they were from the past and he didn't remember where they came from.

The pair went to meet Fernando's friends. He worried that they'd put ideas in Carolina's head. The friends were concerned about Carolina's age and if she knew about Fernando's past.

Carolina struggled to get along with Fernando's mom but it wasn't easy. His mom said she expected Carolina to clean, and insulted her cleaning, saying she cleans like a baby. His mom seemed upset to have to deal with it, and accidentally closed Carolina's finger in the shower door. Carolina asked what is expected of her, and Fernando's mom expected her to be nice and for her and Fernando to get along well. She asked if Carolina's ready to be married, and Carolina said she's scared because of all of the changes in her life. Fernando's mom said said it's too soon, which is valid, but did seem biased because she clearly doesn't want Carolina around. Seriously, though, she wasn't making it easy for Carolina!

Fernando tried to make Carolina feel at home but she missed her life in Colombia. The pair discussed their wedding - either have a big one or a small one because Carolina's parents can't attend. The topic made her upset. She truly missed her family back home. Fernando feared that she'd want to go back to her country.

Josh and Aleksandra

Aleksandra took her mom to see her wedding dress to alleviate some of her concerns. Her mom was concerned that the conservative dress would be ugly but was proven wrong

Josh had his bachelor party (which consisted of pizza and video games) while the women had the bridal shower. Aleksandra noted that they don't have bridal showers in Russia. Aleksandra was given a "little pink nightgown" for her wedding night - it was not little by any means - it was so conservative!

Aleksandra told her mom she's not 100% ready for the wedding but she thinks she'll get more used to things soon. Her mom gave her a pep talk about Josh is a great guy. Aleksandra hoped for a happy future.

Josh and Aleksandra got married! To thank her parents for their support, the ceremony would be in Russian. After the wedding, Aleksandra seemed thrilled and sure of her decision. They had their first dance, and Josh was nervous because Aleksandra's a good dancer. I'm wondering if their song was changed for TV because they were dancing a bachata and the song was absolutely not a bachata.

Melanie and Devar

At first, I trusted Devar but as the show went on, that became less and less. However, he did seem to be at least somewhat truly involved, especially when it came to Melanie's son Hunter. Hunter was really excited to have Devar as a stepdad.

Melanie's sister Bev said that Melanie should do what she wants and she supports her. However, she still didn't trust Devar based on stories she's read online about people coming over from Jamaica to send to send money to their families back home.

Next week is the 90 Day Fiance season finale! Let's see what happens!

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