Tuesday, November 10, 2015

90 Day Fiance - 11/8/15

Alexei and Loren

Alexei and Loren got settled into her parents' three bedroom condo. Loren's dad made it clear that he didn't want to hear any of their private moments. Loren struggled to fit Alexei's stuff into her room.

Loren's sister, Rebecca, came to visit on her college break. They Skyped with Alexei's family, who he missed a lot. The family made it clear that things hadn't been great since Alexei left, and Alexei let us know that he'd done a lot to support his family when he was there. Loren was upset after the Skype conversation. She locked herself in the bedroom. Her father thought she was feeling guilty, even though she shouldn't - Alexei said he made his own decision to come to America. Alexei took it in stride until Loren talked about it, but then he got upset too.

Josh and Aleksandra

Because she missed dancing, Josh took Aleksandra salsa dancing. She was incredibly disappointed by the dancing and atmosphere. More and more, she realized she missed her life in Prague. She called her dance partner from Prague and cried about how much she missed her old life. Her friend told her she'd be fine, but she was concerned about marrying so young.

Mark and Nikki

Mark said he's been busy since Nikki's arrival. He hadn't dedicated much time to them being together. Nikki decided to clean to help Mark. She decided to arrange the books from large to small. Mark was upset because he had the books in categories of his own. Mark said he'd have to talk to Nikki about things having a sense of order; Nikki said she needed some room to do things her way.

The pair sat down and talked, and Nikki shared her concerns about Mark working a lot and not showing her enough affection. Mark said Nikki should appreciate what he does because he does it for her. Mark said Nikki has to figure out if she's happy.

Melanie and Devar

While Melanie worked, Devar called home. He was concerned about his sisters paying their bills and said he'd help to pay them when he gets a job. He noted to the confessional that Melanie doesn't know about this plan.

The pair had dinner with Melanie's sisters, Bev and Sherry. This was Sherry's first meeting with Devar. Sherry asked a lot of questions, including how many girlfriends Devar had - he said one. What? He also said he hadn't had one night stands. When questioned, Devar said he felt awful that he couldn't work because he wants to help support Melanie and Hunter. When asked, Devar said he'd be sending money back home - 9/10s of it! Melanie was shocked and said she's now be considering a prenup. Devar later told the confessional that he would send the money whether Melanie likes it or not. Melanie did not take it well. She told him she busted her butt to get him to America and it's not cool that he'll be giving up the income he brings in.

Carolina talked about how her parents thought Fernando was faking that the visa was taking so long, so to show them she was serious, she went wedding dress shopping with her family. They were clearly devastated about her leaving.

Fernando taught Carolina how to speak English. Fernando said her English wasn't good, but she definitely tried. Fernando told Carolina he has to go back to the US soon. Carolina wasn't happy and was concerned about Fernando cheating when they're apart. Fernando accused her of being a jealous girlfriend, but to be fair, she had reason to be - Fernando had hardly been faithful in the past!

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Anonymous said...

i googled if 90 dyad's is scripted and this is the first thing i came up with. The only reason i watched 90 days last night is because of Nikki and Mark. I am a westerner similar age and circumstance as Mark, and i have a Filipino GF who's is AGE APPROPRIATE I have visited the Phils, love the culture, and communicate with expats some of whom have married younger Pinays. In a word about Mark, SHAMELESS.. He told her what she wanted in fact may have needed to hear, she jumped on board and none of the results to this time are a surprise. I dont think the cameras allow Niiki to be herself Pinays are by and large strong women and get what they want. I think the cameras are suppressing that side of Nikki. She would be cutting a deal and bring family over ONCE THE WEDDING IS DONE. She knows how to make his life heaven or hell. Lets keep it simple -- she is his fantasy and he is her ticket, He deserves what he gets