Sunday, October 4, 2015

90 Day Fiance - Where Are They Now

Jason and Cassia

Jason said he and Cassia are doing okay but he didn't sound convinced when he said it. Cassia said both she and Jason are difficult to deal with. Cassia feels like she made a big sacrifice to move and Jason doesn't appreciate that.

They started a mail order snack business that is doing well. Cassia wants to use the money they make to move to Tampa; Jason's not convinced. It seems that Jason's dad is agreeing with Cassia these days - he was saying he regrets not doing more with his wife and Jason should do more for Cassia.

Cassia feared that she might be pregnant. She wasn't and the pair was happy, although I think Jason was a little disappointed.

Danielle and Mohamed

Danielle reminded us that Mohamed left for five days after the wedding. The pair are still married. Danielle insisted that the pair is intimate (kissing and hugging) but they do it in private. They've had ups and downs. Mohamed has brought up divorce during fights, but they decide to give it more changes. Danielle's family disapproves of the marriage because of how Mohamed treats her. Mohamed has traveled and women on social media claim to have affairs with him. One woman even says she's pregnant. ( Danielle isn't sure whether to believe things or not. She feels pulled in different directions.

Mohamed is able to work and got a physical job. Danielle took her kids to play mini golf to ask how they're feeling about Mohamed. They basically ignore him - they say they try with him but he won't make changes. The kids are suspicious that Mohamed says he travels for job interviews but never comes back with a job.

Danielle's son Corey had threatened Mohamed after the wedding. This led to a court case and Corey isn't allowed around Mohamed. Also, Danielle and her sister are still not speaking. Danielle and her sister Sarah met up and Sarah tried to convince Danielle that her relationship is a mess. Danielle stood behind the fact that she doesn't have proof Mohamed cheated, and Sarah made the point that they aren't happy regardless of the cheating.

When Mohamed and Danielle spoke, Mohamed said he isn't happy with many things and that Danielle is so absorbed with the social media rumors. Danielle was upset that she wasn't going on Mohamed's trips but he said he never said she couldn't go. Mohamed says all the online rumors of cheating are people wanting to mess with Danielle because she's weak. Mohamed said if Danielle doesn't trust him, they shouldn't be married. It sounds a lot like he's sending her on a guilt trip but only they know the truth.

Chelsea and Yamir

These two seem happy! They have an apartment in the middle of town. They share a twin bed. Chelsea works during the day, and Yamir learns English and looks for a job. Yamir is also pursuing his music career. Yamir was working on the video for his first single, Party Love. He asked Chelsea to be the star of the video. Chelsea struggled being on camera but was committed to helping Yamir succeed.

Danny and Amy

Danny and Amy seem truly happy. They have their own apartment. They said they had a lot to learn about sex when they first started, but they've improved. (TMI, but okay!) They announced their pregnancy. (By the way, the child has been born -  he's named Jedediah John.) Amy struggled not having her mom around, but overall, she seemed to be doing great.

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