Sunday, October 11, 2015

90 Day Fiance - 10/11/15 - Meeting the New Couples!

Below are the couples from the season premiere of 90 Day Fiance.

First we met Alexei from Israel and Loren from New York, both 27 years old. Loren, a bubbly executive assistant, loves to shop. She met Alexei on a Birthright trip to Israel, and he proposed while she was there. In order to save money, Loren and Alexei will move into her parents' three bedroom condo in Florida. Loren wants Alexei to meet her parents, so they'll all meet in Canada.

Loren and her parents talked, and they made it clear they were nervous about their daughter's decision because talking to someone from afar is not the same as being with them. They were concerned about Alexei and the fact that he might just want a green card.

Loren met Alexei at the airport. They both seemed happy to see each other. Alexei seemed a little quiet, but that could have been due to the fact that he was tired from traveling, or maybe that's his personality.

Mark from Baltimore is 58, and Nikki is 19 from the Philippines. Mark lives to be happy. He has previously been married to a woman from the Philippines, who he brought over on a K1 visa. They had kids, but she wanted a change. Mark raised his family and then wanted a new lifestyle. He met Nikki on a free dating site. They met in the Philippines, they had chemistry and Mark proposed. Mark was nervous about Nikki being younger than his kids.

Mark's sister was nervous about Mark repeating the mistake he made with his first wife, but he was quick to shoot that down.

Mark asked his daughter to move into the guest house so he could have some privacy. Mark was giving Nikki a room of her own in case she wasn't ready to share a room. Surprisingly, Mark's daughter Elise seemed to accept that Nikki was coming, although she drew the line with Nikki wearing Elise's clothes. Elise wasn't so sure about how much control Nikki could have, concerns about Nikki's age and concern that Nikki is walking into a great lifestyle. Mark wants Nikki and Elise to be cordial, and Elise didn't seem to resistant, but she wasn't too open to friendship.

Aleksandra, 21, from Russia and Josh, 22, from Idaho, were next. Josh is Mormon and has a big family. He does not believe in premarital sex. They met when Josh was a missionary in Prague, although they couldn't date until his mission ended. Aleksandra was a dancer in a club before getting together with Josh, but she's changed to fit his lifestyle.

Josh and his family arrived at the airport to pick up Aleksandra. The pair seemed really happy to see each other.

Melanie, 33, from Pennsylvania and Devar, 28, from Jamaica were the final pair. She has her son, Hunter, 11, on the weekends. She was married at 21 and divorced at 26. Hunter will remain Melanie's priority once Devar arrives. She'd met Devar on vacation (he was working as a lifeguard) and was attracted to his physical fitness. Devar and Hunter communicate via Skype, and the pair seem to like each other, but it'll be a tough transition for Devar to go from his fun lifestyle to the life of a father figure.

Melanie met with her friends before flying to Jamaica to pick up Devar. Melanie's friends worried about Devar's intentions. They also wondered how people would react to their interracial relationship, being that they live in a small town. Her family worried about Melanie getting engaged so soon and if Devar just wanted a green card.

Melanie noted that things would be hard for Devar's family because he was leaving the home he shared with his sisters, and they'd have to make things work without Devar's income.

We saw some clips from future episodes, and it looks like Loren and Alexei have problems, Devar is sending money home to his family and Aleksandra struggles to deal with her past.

And that was it for tonight! Can't wait for next week!


Anonymous said...

Loren is an annoying J.A.P. My jewdar was going off like crazy when I saw a picture of her, so I was soooo relieved when 30 seconds into the premiere episode she explained she was a spoiled princess growing up and she met her heeb on a birthright trip! +1 for jewdar!!!!

Unknown said...

Josh's parents really seem to dislike Aleks & don't seem to be giving her a chance to change. They asked her how weddings went where she was from. When she told them, they both looked down on her & made nasty faces. She was just answering their question!!! She may go home because they are so nasty to her! I thought they were supposed to be religious ...that means forgiveness!!!!!!