Thursday, September 10, 2015

Twinning - 9/9/15

Here's a quick recap of Twinning:

The teams had to get seven balls from the blue side to the green side and vice versa. It had to go up a ramp and through a hole. Then it had to get to the receptacle. Balls that hit the floor are out. Two sets of twins would win.

Tre and Torian won first.
Shawn and Claire won second.

GinaMarie was told by Kristina that she may be put in the twin-off by Torian, and she wasn't happy. Ji and Skyler discussed how lonely Ji is. Skyler tried to cheer her up.

Claire and Shawn said they'd go for those who put them in the twin off. From what we saw, this included Le and Ji. It seemed as if the guys voted for them too.

It ended up being a showdown between Li and Je and AnnaMarie and GinaMarie. The rationale was to ensure Ji and Le don't come back. Which is valid because they are strong. GinaMarie got really upset and said something about how she's glamorous and blonde but still has feelings.

AnnaMarie handled it much better and realized her time without her twin allowed her to get in touch with how she handles things. It also made her more appreciative of her twin.

Shawn ended up hooking up with Torian. She said it was a bad choice. The other girls felt like Torian had used her.

The first twin off question was low - who's the most annoying that's left. The Maries got a match with Torian; Le and Ji didn't match.

AnnaMarie said she didn't like what the house had done to her twin. She was clearly off her game. The girls got combative with each other.

Ultimately, Ji and Le won. AnnaMarie made it seem like she'd given up because she needed to. In a way, I kind of believe her. The Maries' hearts weren't really in the game anymore.

And with that, the Marie girls were gone. They said they were feeling at peace, though.

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