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Wednesday Night Reality Recap - 8/5/15

Here's a recap of last night's reality TV shows.


Andria and David have been talking online for ten years, since Andria was very young - 12. They've also talked online and via phone. It turns out both sides of this relationship had been lying (at least a little, on Andria's part), and Christina (the female who was pretending to be David) had tried to come clean in the past. In the end, they had to admit that they were both at blame for staying in this for so long; a lot of lies and pretending had gone into this. This wasn't one of the more exciting episodes, but it was interesting to see Christina twist her story around and around and show manipulative tactics. Christina refused to show remorse when the pair met on the show, but Christina later apologized via text. Andria was no longer taking it.

Job or No Job:

In this series premiere, a woman, Gabrielle McBay, went from her hometown of Dallas, Texas to Chicago, Illinois, to find a job in a restaurant before she eventually opens her own restaurant. She was set up with three job interviews, and was coached by Jane Buckingham, a brand expert and author throughout the process. The point is to show people what they can and can't do on job interviews.

I wasn't particularly enthralled with this ABC Family show, but it does teach a good lesson about how people should be have on job interviews. Gabrielle got real criticism about her behavior - she can come off as impatient, especially regarding her future. That caused her to lose an opportunity at a job. She ended up with one out of three offers.

Dating Naked:

Kerri struggled with her date being 21 years old, which was tough because she worried about his youth. Still, she let Mason (the 21 year old) stay in the house for another week. Chris kept Fallon again, even though she's clearly manipulative and set up her competitors to fail.

Kerri also struggled with her lingering feelings for Chris, and Chris had a date with a girl who seemed cool until Fallon got her drunk, and a second date with a stripper. This girl was interesting. She came off as shy and ditzy, but then she said she'd grown up on a nudist colony and is a stripper.


The competition involved being up in the air and holding onto a rope. GinaMarie and AnnaMarie fell first. Skyler and Spencer gave up next, but it was okay because they were finally finding their stride in the house. Third out Roxanne and Nicole. Shawn and Claire were out next, followed by Torian and Tre.

The winners were:
1 - Cory and Adam
2 - Taylor and Dylan
3 - Kamila and Kristina
4 - Winston and Bennett

Drama went down between Kamila and Kristina and Li and Je. That's not surprising.

The pairs in the twin-off were GinaMarie & AnnaMarie and Roxanne & Nicole. The Maries were victorious, remaining for another week.

Escaping Polygamy:

I'm not sure if this was actually on last night (8/5) but I watched it last night. This episode showed Priscilla, a 17 year old, escape the order. The tricky part about this is that Priscilla, being a minor, could be returned to her family if she stayed in Utah. Priscilla had a tough life (she's been sent away to become a better order member in the past) and wanted to get out. The team helped her get over the border to Nevada to a safe space. Priscilla was so strong - she knew she'd be okay after she left. It was amazing considering how quickly she escaped; she was set to be married soon and had to get out before that happened. She got a text after leaving from a family member saying she wasn't welcome back home, which is great because she had no intention of returning, and it showed that her family wouldn't be going after her. She's in the clear!

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