Friday, August 28, 2015

Twinning - 8/26/15

This is a quick recap of Twinning from 8/26/15.

Adam and Corey are the WORST. The way they are using Skyler and Spencer...not cool. I hope Skyler and Spencer see through them but it's unlikely.

Bennett was sick and was trying to survive.

Li and Je wanted to win the challenge so they could send Karissa and Kristina home.

The challenge showed each twin pictures of body parts - theirs, their twin's, and those of a stranger. They had to put them in the correct category. The twins with the most win.

In third place were Winston and Bennett, then Claire and Shawn in second, and Tre and Torian with a perfect score. Bennett would want Kristina and Kamila in the twin off, Winston wouldn't.

Corey thought he had Claire in his pocket by hooking up with her, yet he advised Torian about his actions with Kristina. Torian said Corey's a snake, and Corey asked for specific reasons. This led to a big argument.

Bennett ended up in the ER, which forfeited his vote for the twin off. Winston was happy because it helped keep Kristina and Kamila.

The twin off ended up being Spencer and Skyler vs. Adam and Corey. Of course, Spencer and Skyler felt bad because they thought that Adam and Corey were their friends, even though they were awful. Adam actually felt bad when Skyler was upset about it...he actually has emotions, shockingly!

Skyler and Spencer won! YEA! Congratulations, guys! Adam and Corey, you didn't play nice and you lost. And that's it for the episode.

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