Thursday, August 13, 2015

Twinning - 8/12/15

This week on Twinning, everyone acknowledged that they're onto Cory's game. And Li and Je talked about how much they missed each other.

Tre and Torian decided to switch identities. This led to some making out between Torian (masquerading as Tre) and Shawn.

Before the challenge, the host announced that Tre and Torian had switched houses. She said they can't just let it go. In retaliation, the show had them switch houses. Torian acknowledged that this puts a target on his back.

The twins had to sort through keys to unlock blocks. They have to pull the rope of keys through the wall to unlock the blocks. When finished, they had to lock in to win.

The winners were:
Claire / Shawn
Tre / Torian
Ji / Le

Li and Je were thrilled to see each other, since they'd been apart for the whole competition.

Dylan suggested that he and his brother Taylor go into the twin off so they can learn about it against weak competitors. Nobody thought that was a good idea.

AnnaMarie cried because the pressure was getting to her.

In the voting booth, Li and Je made it clear that they'd vote in Kamila and Kristina.

It turns out that Dylan and Taylor were up against Kamila and Kristina. Kamila seemed genuinely surprised. She became very combative with Le. Kristina panicked on the other side of the door, but producers wouldn't let her in. Then Li and Je ended up in the same house, and a fight broke out. Then the episode ended. It ended! Cliffhanger! Not cool, show, not cool!

We'll be tuned in next week, for sure.

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